Learning Buddies

On Friday, 4B went to 1E to have Learning Buddies. This week instead of just playing we read a book , the book was called Little Oink. After a wonderful book me and my buddy went to the playground to play. When we were walking down, my buddy and my friends buddy were talking together, when we walked down we all played hide and seek .

Me and my friend went easy on them so we hid behind a tiny mountain, they found us really fast because they peeked. Another person came to join, it was my friend and her learning buddy. Later we played again, we keep losing because they keep peeking.

Later we had to go, so we said goodbye to our buddies.

Learning Buddies

Last week, I  went to 1E to be there learning buddy. Learning buddies are only for grade 4 and up.


Since I have my learning buddy I have to watch her every time, she is now a big responsibility to me. Last week we first had to read a book to our buddy, then we can go down to the 9th floor playground.


After a wonderful book went down to the playground to play. We first played the swing, it was one of her favorite games in the playground. After few rounds of the swing we climbed the rock climbing wall, then she went to my friends buddy and they played together. After a while we had to go, we had a wonderful time together this week.


This week me and my learning  buddy had a fun time and also it was also the first time I read a book to my learning buddy.


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