PA Reflection

In our new unit in PA, we learned about elements of dance, light paintings,etc….  Our teacher put us in groups in the start of the unit, because we were going to make a light painting and a dance. A light painting is a dance, but when you dance it there will be lights on your shirt(anywhere on body) and then there is a app and when you take a picture on that app there will be a painting of what shape you did. We also learned about the elements of dance, The elements of dance is Body, Action, Energy, Space, Time.


On the first day and some of the other days of making the dance we first did choreography, we had to draw and explain the dance on a storyboard and the moves had to be patterns. When we planned the dance, it was hard to agree on one move because some of us did not like it. It was also hard to make up the moves because we had to think of some that other groups did not do. We communicated a lot when we were making the dance. On the other days we practiced.


To Reflect we had a lot of disagreeing, but we still cooperated and communicated. Next time I think our group should be more cooperative and we should agree more on what we have.


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