My Ecosystems Mind map

Few days ago, 4B started a new unit about eco-systems. 4B didn’t really know what it was so we made a mind map about it. We used BrainPop for this activity, we first watched a video about ecosystems and later we made a mind map about it.


In that video they told me things about different habitats, communities, populations and organisms. Habitats are different places were different animals live in, such as an water ecosystems and desert ecosystems and rain forest ecosystems. Ecosystems are made out of nonliving or living organisms. Living organisms will grow or walk or talk, for example a plant. A plant is a living organism because it grows and changes. A non living organism can’t walk talk or do anything, for example soil. Soil can’t grow or anything it just stays on the ground.


In a habitat animals build up their own community and do what they are supposed to do to keep the ecosystem going. A desert ecosystem has there own animals and plants, in the desert ecosystem cacti can store water, kangaroo rats sleep underground where it’s less hot. Some organisms can be divided into different places, but they each have a home and the meaning of populations it when one type of organism gets divided into different places around the world.


I learned that ecosystems are a really important thing in our planet.


Mega Ice

On the 14th of Dec, the grade four teachers agreed on having a field trip to Mega Ice for fun. Mega Ice took place at Mega Box, it is a big shopping mall with some tiny games. Mega Ice is also at the top of the building.


When we arrived there we first took a lot of long escalator and elevators to the top of Mega Box. When the first elevator came everybody ran to it, so we had to wait for the second one. When the next elevator came it was a little squishy because there was some random people inside and there was still a lot of people who did not get on the first lift. When we arrived to the very top of Mega Box I saw a big line of students lining up, so me and my friends lined up in the end of the line. Some students was in the front of the line so they got 1 and a half hour more.



When I got my ice skates on me and my friends went to the ice rink to play. One of my friends did not know how to skate, so me and my friend slowly taught her. When nobody was looking me and my friends made ting ice balls to play with.


I had a lot of fun in Mega Ice.

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