Remembrance Day

Today November 11th is Remembrance Day. Remembrance day is a day  we remember the people who died, loved ones and the ones who fought for us in World War 1, 2 and all other Wars. We wear a poppy on our left side of the shirt to be close to the heart, we wear them to remember people from war. It started growing after world war 1 ended .

At the LLAC, grade 4 to 6 went to the Ceremony, We do not clap in this Ceremony. We have a choir performing called the Treble Timber Tones sang 2 songs for us, we also had another performance called the Last Post ( last post is a song using a instrument and silents)and also had some students say some poems.

This moment is in the 11th moment ,11hour, 11 month and in the 11th day.( day war stopped) This is for remembering the people who died , loved , wounded  and who fought in the war this is a  sirius moment. This means to me  appreciate and respect who fought for us.

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