Weekly Reflection 15

This week we focused on exhibition. We continued on our next steps, I explored more about my topic, wrote my lines of inquiry, we also figured out the purpose of our learning. Another new thing we tried in 6D we started planning our own morning meeting. This way we connected with each other more than usual and it took more responsibility.

While doing my next steps on exhibition, I wrote about how key concepts can relate to saving Black-faced Spoonbills. Causation: In order to start taking action, I need to know what’s causing Black-faced spoonbills to be endangered. Perspective: Before destroying wetlands, we have to ourselves in the Black-faced spoonbill’s shoes. If we were the Black-faced Spoonbills, losing the wetlands is like losing our homes and running away from it. Reflection: We should reflect on what we’ve done to the animals in the world. From reflecting we should consider to stop hurting them. Change: We need to know the consequences. What will happen if they go extinct? Responsibility: It’s our fault that the spoonbills are endangered, and it’s our responsibility to save them. We caused it we fix it. But we are not letting them, we are just taking advantage of them(IVORY). That makes us greedy.

For our morning meeting, our teacher let us plan and do our morning meeting ourselves. The first time we played the game we decided to play “Wah”. Since it was our first time doing this, we kept arguing about what game we should play and do. In the end, we got to play two games. Every time we finished one morning meeting, we reflected on what we did and what we should improve on. On Thursday, we were much better and had more fun than the other days. We decided on a game efficiently and quickly. We played telephone. It ended up really fun and funny. The morning meeting allowed 6D to connect with each other and it also gave us more responsibility.

Overall, this week we focused on using the key concepts in our learning. We also focused on exhibition, and what steps we are going to take next. I wonder if we will be planning our own morning meeting next week too.

4B Assembly

On September 23rd , We had our 4B Assembly. It was based about the 8 different Multiple Intelligences, it is about 4 kids who try a new game gets sucked inside the game about Multiple Intelligences.

The Multiple Intelligences are:

-Verbal Linguistic








To get out of the game they have to pass the 8 different challenges, for example Mathematical Logical. The people how host that topic will ask them some questions. I hosted Intrapersonal with my friend. We had fun and worked hard on this.   


Hi! My name is Daphne and this year I am in grade 4B. This is also my first post on my blog.


I work better in groups(social) than alone because I need company and sometimes my friends correct my work . Its also a faster way to come up with ideas, you can also learn from your friends. If you are stuck your friend can help.

My favourite subject is Literacy because I like to write journals and write stories with my friends. When I am doing stories and journals I have trouble with spelling and grammar but I am organised.


My goals are to be more confident and loud when I am performing ,I read more books so I can learn new words , work on spelling so I spell better and to work on grammar.


In this year I am looking forward to learn jazz or hip hop and  camp because I heard camp was fun. I hope that this year will be great.



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