Weekly Reflection 14

This week finished up many things. Like our math unit and report writing. We did our math summative and did our final edit on our report writing. I thought the math assessment was challenging, but in the end, I finished it. Writing the report writing was fun, it was like reflecting on my research. Even better, our reports will be sent to The World Economic Forum.


Something I focused on this week was my report writing. I wrote about the Wall Street Crash of 1929. I thought writing the report was challenging because I prefer writing fiction stories. I learned about three forms of media I can use to make my report more entertaining. During the week we went to some workshops, there we learned about three forms of media. The three forms of media are whiteboard animation, magazine article, and an infographic. I chose to do a magazine article. Since I finished my report writing the week before, I just had to put my writing into a magazine template, then make some edits. After all, I thought this task was challenging and fun at the same time.


For math, I had been assigned to do a special task. It was about using my knowledge of decimals in the real world. For the decimals summative, I thought some questions were challenging. But at the end, I got through them. I am wondering what we will learn next unit on math.


Somethings I am looking forward to next week is SECRET SANTA! On Friday, we decided to do Secret Santa. I am looking forward to finding out who got me.


Overall, this week we wrapped up somethings and started some too. I am excited to find out about new topics and news next week.

Weekly Refection 12

This week we continued on our trade game, this week we accomplished a lot. During the trade game, I learned many new things while finishing up the goals. For example the poster, I feel like this poster was a big success, I think we might win the challenge.


This is a poster based on report writing tips, it was one of our goals for our trade game. Our goal was to make the most colorful poster. I worked with my work. I provided materials and wrote the tips. While writing the tips I learned that there are many steps when making a report writing. My group and I ended up writing 10 tips/steps.  I thought this task was very useful, I can use these tips while writing a piece of report writing, it could be used later on. The tips we wrote on our poster are:


  1. Decide on a non-fiction topic
  2. Write down questions related to the topic
  3. Research about your topic(Facts only)
  4. Analyze your research, find related images
  5. Sort out your information
  6. Create a draft with formal report writing format
  7. Self-edit your draft
  8. Peer edit your draft
  9. Correct edits to create a final draft
  10. Publish final draft

This poster can help me throughout grade 6.


The trade game can relate to three key concepts. Form, causation, and connection. Form can relate because everyone doesn’t have the same rules. For example, 1’s have to sit on the floor. Therefore, everyone has a different way of seeing the game, fun or unfair. I was a Jack, I had a benefit. Therefore I thought the game was really fun to me. Connection can relate to the trade game because it actually shows the real world. For instance, poverty and the rich. People who are in poverty have different rules and privileges than the rich. People who are poor can’t afford buildings, but the rich can. Adding on to connection, causation relates because that’s how the world is. It is our fault the world is like this, we can change it but we are not.


What I thought that helped me a lot during the trade game was merging. Merging is when people join and share their materials to create a company. I found this helpful because we shared unifix cubes and colors. Therefore we have more privileges. Although we have to divide our cubes evenly at the end, we figured out a solution. Altogether we have earned 87 cubes, if we divide it we won’t have enough cubes to beat the other groups. So we have decided to give somebody nearly all the cubes. Either way, our company wins. After this game, I learned many things that can help me in the future.  

This relates to the Wall Street Crash of 1929 , because at that time, they were one of the only poorest countries in the world. Therefore they were different from the other countries.

 Overall, the trade game allowed me to realize many things. For example, what we are doing wrong in the world, and that there are many steps until you can publish your report writing.


Weekly Reflection 11

The 11th week of grade 6 had just past. This week I learned a lot of shocking things, but what I thought was most interesting was learning about inequality. I also built a better understanding of trade. I hope I can use what I learned this week outside of school.


This week my class and I went on a field trip to Oxfam. During this field trip, we learned about inequality with people who had farmer registrations. There is a cycle in China used for migrants. I never even knew there was such thing. There are two types of registrations for migrants. Farmer registrations and city registrations. People who have city registrations have a bigger benefit. For instance, kids who have farmer registrations can’t go to school! In order to change your registration, it takes a lot of work. This field trip also gave me an experience of factory workers lives. They have to work for 12 hours a day without stopping, they are not allowed to talk and they down even know what they are making. Overall, this field trip made me want to learn more about this problem.


During this week we started a simulation, in this simulation we have to draw cards. Each card has different rules. For example, a jack and a queen start off with 10 cubes. You can trade your markers, computer time or products and cubes. By the end of the week, our goals are to build the highest tower of cubes, create the most colorful poster that includes tips about report writing, and lastly to have an organized tray and locker. I also learned about fair trade. If someone has no bargaining power, they will be forced to accept whatever prices the buyers offer. That is not fair trade. Fairtrade is when people are paid properly for their work, so it’s not slavery. For example, if people take their whole day cutting trees, and only being paid 7 dollars per week, that’s not fair trade. They are not being paid properly. It’s challenging to access free markets in places like Mali. Therefore many people trade in the local market. This left many farmers in poverty. Luckily, the United States and the Western nations are willing to help solve these problems for the needful. After this fair trade became more common because of this.


After all, because of this week I am now looking forward to learning more about unfairness and trade. I wonder what we will learn next week.  

Weekly Reflection 10

The 10th week of school just ended. This week we learned more about economics, even better we got to research about a past event of our choice. During this week I inquired about interesting topics that I am looking forward to learn more about.


Some things that I thought were really interesting was The Wall Street Crash of 1929. I chose The Wall Street Crash as my past event I’m going to research about. This is sort of a project for the economic world forum.(We worked in partners) While my and my partner was researching about this topic I builded a better understanding of Stocks and economics. Here is my work:


Questions we had to answer are, What happened during this event? How is it related to economics? What caused this event? What lessons can you learn? After answering all these questions we learned that the Wall Street Crash of 1929 caused the Great depression. The event happened because there was a stock crash. A stock is when you sell a very small percentage of your company. The more money the company makes the more expensive the stock is. Normally if you want your share, it would cost a lot of money. A stock crash is when supply and demand go out of hand. It happens when a bunch of people sell their stocks(mostly in very low prices), instead of buying them. In this event it occurred because many people and companies sold their stocks at very low prices. To be accurate, 16 million shares were sold in very low prices. I am looking forward into finishing this project.

Overall,  I learned many incredible things about the Wall Street Crash of 1929. Some questions I still have are, did the citizens of New York protest? How long did it last? I hope by next week I’ll be moving to the next step of the project/challenge.


Screenagers Movie Reflection

Yesterday, upper school, grade 5 and 6 watched a documentary called Screenagers about phones and how that your addicted to it. It is about how screens can affect kids,teens and parents. Families,doctors and psychiatrist are interviewed and asked about their opinions and connections about technology.They also tell stories about real life problem with families about technology.


I have learned that technology can affect your learning and life. It can affect your learning by making your brain not concentrated, for example after you watch a movie before a test and when you do the test it won’t be as good. It can affect your life by changing your personality, for example if you play violent video games, their could be a chance you become a violent person in the future. This could also affect you by being addicted, you will spend less time outside and you will be looking at your phone or computer. You will also not normally do face to face talking with your friends and family.


This movie also gives solutions for technology agreements for families, for example a contract and time limits for computers and phones. The advice that they gave really helped and solved their problems about technology. One of their advice is to have talk about their week with technology called tech talk tuesdays.


I recommend this movie to children and parents because this could change your perspective about technology and how it can affect you. After you watch the movie you might make some rules that will change you and lead you to a better life path. This movie has also affected me because now I will try my best to not use too much technology in my life.

Remembrance Day

Today November 11th is Remembrance Day. Remembrance day is a day  we remember the people who died, loved ones and the ones who fought for us in World War 1, 2 and all other Wars. We wear a poppy on our left side of the shirt to be close to the heart, we wear them to remember people from war. It started growing after world war 1 ended .

At the LLAC, grade 4 to 6 went to the Ceremony, We do not clap in this Ceremony. We have a choir performing called the Treble Timber Tones sang 2 songs for us, we also had another performance called the Last Post ( last post is a song using a instrument and silents)and also had some students say some poems.

This moment is in the 11th moment ,11hour, 11 month and in the 11th day.( day war stopped) This is for remembering the people who died , loved , wounded  and who fought in the war this is a  sirius moment. This means to me  appreciate and respect who fought for us.

HK History Museum

On Thursday, 4B went on there first field trip to the HK History Museum. We were split into groups of 4 or 3, we were also with a parent helper.

In the Museum there was lots of interesting things like 400,000,000 years ago rocks, but we had to focus on the Opium War and Japanese Occupation Of  HK. We also saw lots of animals and olden days stuff.

What I learnt from the Opium War is that Opium is a really really bad type of drug and it was between China and Britain. It started at 1839 to 1841, China also gave New Territories to the Britain.What I also learned about the Japanese Occupation of HK is at 1941 8 Dec it started and in Dec 18 Japanese troops landed in Quarry Bay. HK was not prepared for their air defence, so there air defence got destroyed. On the 25th of Dec 1941, In the afternoon HK Surrendered.

After all that we ate lunch, after lunch  we went to the park. After the park we went to the Bus and went back to CDNIS.   

Seminar- Ancient Olympics Reflection

The Ancient Olympics dedicated to a Greek God, Zeus. The first Olympics was held in 776 b.c. In the first Olympics there was only 1 event , the foot race. In that time no girls was allowed in the Olympics, they had to stay home do chores. Only men could watch or participate . Every time the Olympics has new events, they were mostly with fire. In the olden days  they only wanted to show the world , now we want to get medals.

This was for Zeus they wanted to give a gift to him , but now Ancient Olympics is for showing people. Now girls can watch the Olympics and participate in the Olympics.

Seminar-Girl Power Reflection

In the past girls had no right to attend school because people thought that boys education is more important than girls education. Girls could only have tutors, but they still could not attend school.

In the 17th century the first school for girls was made. Even though it was made some girls still did not go to school because of early marriage, too poor, working for parents or sometimes their parents would send their child away because they have not enough money. But still 10 countries don’t allow girls to go to school.

Education is important because if you don’t learn, you can not teach your child and education makes a good life. Now most of the girls have good education and have the right to go to school.

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