Learning Buddies spotlight

May 9th, Our learning Buddies and three other classes had a spotlight in the LLAC, It was about Puppets and nature. The spotlight was based on a story about a girl called Amrita and one day she was sitting by her favorite tree, then woodchoppers came and said “ we are going to cut down your trees.” When they arrived Amrita heard she quickly ran to the village and told her mom everything. When she finished taking Amrita’s mom spreaded the new to every women in the village and ran to the forest to stop the woodchoppers. When the got there they said “don’t cut our trees!”, but they rejected they said and chopped the trees down. When one of the wood choppers were going to chop down Amrita’s favorite tree she hugged it very tightly, so the woodchoppers would not cut it down. The wood choppers later stopped cutting the trees and went to there master. After a few days, the woodchoppers master came to award Amrita’s bravery and after that they had a fun Party with lots of wonderful singing.


What I liked about the Spotlight was that they chose a very interesting story and the background matched it a lot. I like how it was a combination of a roleplay and a puppet roleplay.  I like even though the microphones were not working you did not stop and used a big loud voice. You and the other classes were very committed and confident in the spotlight.

Visual Arts Eco Packaging Design

This week 4B went to Visual Arts to continue our eco design. If you don’t know what eco packaging is, it is a packaging that helps the planet. For example, You get a new toothbrush made out of bamboo and that is not cutting down tree’s or plastic. My eco friendly packaging is a camera packaging.

I chose this topic because it is fun and interesting and  because we get to make the product’s packaging. I also like the idea of eco packaging and later on we get to make our own commercial.


In Visual Arts I learned what eco packaging means.



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