Sharing the Planet Speech

On Monday, 6D presented a speech about any topic. I chose to do Gender inequality. Our peers gave us feedback after our speech. Some glow I have are that my speech was inspiring, I did good research, memorable conclusion, clear voice, I had good slides and I had a good hook. But some things I need to work on are I need to choose stronger visuals, I need to speak louder and that I need to use stronger words. Next time I can use a thesaurus to make my words stronger, practice speaking with a loud voice at home.


Here is the link to my Speech(red binder)

Finding out(Persuasive Writing)

In this activity, I watched Emma Watson’s UN Speech about gender equality. After watching this video I am now inspired me to make a speech for home learning about gender equality. I am looking forward to exploring more into this problem. Emma Watson used convincing quotes. For instance, “If not me, who, if not now when.” She looked at the perspective of people who have been affected by gender equality. Overall, I have been persuaded to look into gender equality.

Camp at Treasure Island(Reflection)

On March 29th grade 4 went to Treasure Island for camp, We were there for three days and two nights. I have been looking forward to this day since they told grade 4 about camp.


On the day of camp I was all packed and ready to go, once I arrived at school I brought all my stuff down to  the 7th floor so I don’t need to bring it in my classroom. We had to bring our day bags to our classroom, the day bag was used for putting the stuff we need for when we have activities in the daytime or night . The reason we use the day bag is so we don’t need to hold our stuff, in our daybag there is a 1 liter water bottle, an extra towel, an extra t-shirt, a rain jacket/jacket, mosquito repellent, sunscreen etc…… After we put down our luggages we had to go to our classrooms and wait for the bus to come, when the bus arrived the classes came down one by one.  


The ride from our school to Pui O(where Treasure Island is) was more than 1 hour, since I was so excited the ride felt like thirty min. When I got there was a lot of cow and buffalo poop on the floor, I also saw a lot of buffalos walking on a green field. There was only one cow there called Billy, he had brown covered all over him so he was easy to spot. When we got to the place where all the tents are supposed to be put up we got introduced to our leaders for three days, I was with a girl she was Canadian.


The first activity we did was putting up our tents and we got to know who was in your tent. I was with two girls they are really good friends, after we did that we moved our tent to make so it wouldn’t be in a random place, later we did some water games and finally we moved in. On the two other days we did stuff like surfing, raft building,twilight activities(games we do at night) etc… I had some trouble doing stuff over time but luckily I had a friend who help me and supported me in almost everything.


What I enjoyed in camp was sleeping with my friend for the first time, beach clean up and raft building.I also went surfing it was my first time. I think I will remember the time when I slept with my friends for the first time.I found taking a bath and  packing up the most challenging because on the second day I was in the shower with my friend and I just put on my soup and then I had to get out and wash it in another toilet with my friend, when we got back to the campsite we had two min to change. The reason I don’t like packing up because it was so much clothes I had to hang stuff on my luggage. While I was in camp I learned how to be more independent and  I was better at time management. I had a really fun time in camp.

My land biomes ming map

These few weeks, 4B has been making mind maps about land biomes in BrainPop. For my prior knowledge i think that land biomes are places where animals and plants live it, and if they move to another habitat they might not survive.

In the BrainPop video they talked about animals and plants that can’t live in another habitat, different biomes , what will happen when an animal or plants moves to another biome and animals that live in different biomes. Animals and plants have to stay in their habitat because they have all they need there. For example, a human can’t stay in mountain Everest for over 30 min, in towns and countries humans will live over 30 min. That’s why animals and plants shouldn’t move to another biome. There are many different types of biomes for example, Desert biomes, Rainforest biomes, water biomes etc… Some animals and plants that live in different biomes are cacti and kangaroo rats live in the Desert biome, toucans and monkeys live in the Tropical Rain Forest, elephants and zebras live in grasslands etc….

I learned that land biomes are places where animals live on and if they move it will be harder for them to live.

My Ecosystems Mind map

Few days ago, 4B started a new unit about eco-systems. 4B didn’t really know what it was so we made a mind map about it. We used BrainPop for this activity, we first watched a video about ecosystems and later we made a mind map about it.


In that video they told me things about different habitats, communities, populations and organisms. Habitats are different places were different animals live in, such as an water ecosystems and desert ecosystems and rain forest ecosystems. Ecosystems are made out of nonliving or living organisms. Living organisms will grow or walk or talk, for example a plant. A plant is a living organism because it grows and changes. A non living organism can’t walk talk or do anything, for example soil. Soil can’t grow or anything it just stays on the ground.


In a habitat animals build up their own community and do what they are supposed to do to keep the ecosystem going. A desert ecosystem has there own animals and plants, in the desert ecosystem cacti can store water, kangaroo rats sleep underground where it’s less hot. Some organisms can be divided into different places, but they each have a home and the meaning of populations it when one type of organism gets divided into different places around the world.


I learned that ecosystems are a really important thing in our planet.


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