Dance Reflection

After weeks of practice, last week my group and I finally performed our dance choreography. What we did in class was, choreographing a dance that included what we learned last year and this year, we also practiced it. What my group and I found challenging were practicing the lifts. We thought this was challenging because sometimes we would lose balance, be distracted or we would be too confident. Therefore, we had to practice the lifts many times, until we found a solution that solved our problem. What I thought was fun was improving. I thought this was fun because when I saw my final product, in the end, it really made me feel accomplished. Here is the link to my dance performance and rubric       Link


Learning Buddies spotlight

May 9th, Our learning Buddies and three other classes had a spotlight in the LLAC, It was about Puppets and nature. The spotlight was based on a story about a girl called Amrita and one day she was sitting by her favorite tree, then woodchoppers came and said “ we are going to cut down your trees.” When they arrived Amrita heard she quickly ran to the village and told her mom everything. When she finished taking Amrita’s mom spreaded the new to every women in the village and ran to the forest to stop the woodchoppers. When the got there they said “don’t cut our trees!”, but they rejected they said and chopped the trees down. When one of the wood choppers were going to chop down Amrita’s favorite tree she hugged it very tightly, so the woodchoppers would not cut it down. The wood choppers later stopped cutting the trees and went to there master. After a few days, the woodchoppers master came to award Amrita’s bravery and after that they had a fun Party with lots of wonderful singing.


What I liked about the Spotlight was that they chose a very interesting story and the background matched it a lot. I like how it was a combination of a roleplay and a puppet roleplay.  I like even though the microphones were not working you did not stop and used a big loud voice. You and the other classes were very committed and confident in the spotlight.

PA Reflection

In our new unit in PA, we learned about elements of dance, light paintings,etc….  Our teacher put us in groups in the start of the unit, because we were going to make a light painting and a dance. A light painting is a dance, but when you dance it there will be lights on your shirt(anywhere on body) and then there is a app and when you take a picture on that app there will be a painting of what shape you did. We also learned about the elements of dance, The elements of dance is Body, Action, Energy, Space, Time.


On the first day and some of the other days of making the dance we first did choreography, we had to draw and explain the dance on a storyboard and the moves had to be patterns. When we planned the dance, it was hard to agree on one move because some of us did not like it. It was also hard to make up the moves because we had to think of some that other groups did not do. We communicated a lot when we were making the dance. On the other days we practiced.


To Reflect we had a lot of disagreeing, but we still cooperated and communicated. Next time I think our group should be more cooperative and we should agree more on what we have.


Performing Arts

On Wednesday, 4B went to PA(Performing Arts) to study music. On Wednesday we started a new unit about dance and shapes. There is four most important part of dance Body energy space and time. On that day we first learned about Body.


We first did an activity about making shapes together, we could not talk or make any noise or else we had to start again. Our first shape to make was a circle, it was easy to make because we were already in a circle. Our second shape was a square it was a little bit hard because people started laughing. On our first try it was sort of and curved square , later we made it into a square. We did many more challenging shapes like an arrow and finally we got to the last one the star. The star was really hard because there was so much shapes we got out of track and did not make it, the teacher helped us later we understand.


In PA we also did much more things, I learned how to cooperate and make shapes through shapes.

The 4B Spotlight

4B had been making a performance about recorders in performing art. We chose our theme to be the Amazing Race. For people who don’t know what the Amazing Race is, it’s an event where pairs go around the world to complete challenges. If you don’t pass the challenge, you will be eliminated. The first ones to pass the finish line will win a 100,000 USD and the runner up team will get 25,000 USD. Instead of naming our show the Amazing Race, we named it “The Amazing Musical race”.


What went well was everyone memorized their lines and we did not make a lot mistakes and if we made a mistake we didn’t stop. We could improve on speaking louder, not turning our backs to the audience and not moving the curtains. What I enjoyed about this experience was performing on stage.


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