Probability unit reflection 💛

Our math unit is about probability. During this unit, I gained more knowledge about this topic.


The new things I learned about probability are theoretical probability and experimental probability. Theoretical probability is probability expressed as ratios, fractions, percentages(number of outcomes over the number of all the outcomes). An example is heads and tails, the probability of getting heads is 50%, ½, or 1:2. Experimental probability is probability based on an experiment, it can also be written as a ratio, fraction and percentage. However, instead of the number of outcomes over all of them, it’s the number of times event occurred over the number of trials. We learned more probability language too, for instance likely, unlikely impossible, certain, probable, improbable and equally likely.


I think that that the best things I’ve learned are theoretical and experimental probability. I think this way because it’s one of the most important parts of probability. They are strategies to find the probability of something. It also taught me how to write probability in numbers(ratios, fractions, percentages). The activity that helped me the most was calculating and experimenting with theoretical and experimental probability. This helped me understand more about how to calculate the probability. In this activity, I struggled to turn a fraction like this ⅓ into a percentage. Now I have learned that you have to multiply the numerator by 100 and then divide it with the denominator.


Overall, this unit helped me learn more about probability. I thought this unit was fun and interesting because there were many fun ways to learn about this.

My coding reflection for scratch

Last week, a computer teacher(technology teacher) came into our class to teach us about scratch. Scratch is a website for creating codings and learning how to code.


On that day we had to do a challenge, that challenge was to make a tessellation. The teacher taught us to use move __ steps, turn right/left  in ___degrees, pen up/down, colour pen.On Tuesday we also did scratch, but we had to cover the whole page with tessellations.


To reflect I successfully made a tessellation and I did not expected this shape to come out, the shape was not what I expected but it still was a nice shape. The most challenging part of the task was trying to make it because I had to try a lot of times to find a number  make a tessellation. I learned how to cover the whole page with tessellations,learned to use new blocks to code with(turn right/left ___ degrees, move__steps, etc). I had really fun coding and learning new things.

Addition and Subtraction Strategies

Today 4B had been finding new Strategies for Addition and Subtraction problems. We could choose to write down Addition ,Subtraction Strategies or both, I chose to do both.

We had write it in your math book, We first had to choose a equation, my equation was 166 + 143 and my Subtraction one was 136 – 20. The Strategy

i used for addition we had to first add 6 and 3 because it is both in the ones place, 6+3=9 .Then we add the tens place which is 6+4=10 so we have to give the one to the hundred place(the one in -› 166) After that the tens will be 0 and then you have to add 1+1+1= 3,the answer is 309.

Now for Subtraction, the strategy I used for Subtraction is Expanded Form. You first have break it up,(136-20) I first broke up 136 to 100+30+6=136, then i broke up 20 to 20+0=20. Later we minus it while it was broken up – (100+30+6)-(20+0)=116. The answer is 116.



The last few weeks 4B had 4 robotics classes, I have made 4 robotic projects so far. Some of my projects did not work successfully, but some worked successfully. The robots that we are programming are called m-bots, we had to program it and the other class fixed it. I felt excited and nervous because I maybe will miss something and I will get in trouble.   


So far my best project is with my friend Eden, we both worked together and made a synchronised dancing robot. I was fun working together, but we did not finish because of some issues. Thank goodness we have another class for robotics so we can finish our project.


My first project was not too successful and a little boring because I did not add many codes and it did not work well. Well I only made it sing but not move. I tried to make it move but it did not work. I still tried my best!


What was challenging was that sometimes you forget things, like to turn on your robot, connect it the serial port and others. But the most challenging this to me was that when you forget to stop the robot from moving because then you have to disconnect from serial port and after it stops you have to do it again.


What went well was that me and Eden made a successful project and the teachers were impressed. I am also proud of never giving up even if I made a big mistake
I also learned to always try your best and even if you did not finish you did your best. Also I learned to make a synchronised dancing robot.      

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