My Second Persuasive writing piece

I believe that we should stop Ivory Trading, because if we keep doing this there will be less elephants and people who wish to see elephants will be disappointed because they are all extinct. Elephants help us do lots of stuff like clearing the landscape and they help spread seeds. Ivory is not only in elephants it is also in other animals like hippopotamuses and some whales. So we should not only stop taking Ivory from elephants, We have to stop  killing all animals for Ivory.

For my first reason Elephants help clear and shape  the landscape by making roads, they make the roads by using their big foots to swipe all the tree out.  Elephants made paths for us to, without elephants we wouldn’t have a way to get cross jungles, forest and many other things.Elephants also break down other plants that we can’t get through . Elephants are very important to lots of animals because elephants are a big part of the food chain.

Secondly, Elephants shape the landscape and make more space for seeds and plants to grow. For example, since elephants always walk through the forest and make big path they carry seeds from the ground and bring them somewhere else to grow. They find the seeds left on the floor in the elephant dung, so they take them to different places. When elephants do this they make grasslands. In grasslands there are not much trees because the elephants knock them down, there are lots of grass there because the elephants spread the seeds. With grasslands it will be easier for animals to live, so we should not think that elephants don’t help make our land.

Thirdly, I believe that without elephants the food chain will change. For example, there won’t be much pathways for us and animals to walk on.  During  the dry season elephants use their tusk to dig up water for animals to live, with elephants gone more animals will go extinct with them(no water). The reason there is so much grass in the grasslands is that the elephants leave a dung full of seeds  for new bushes to grow. I Believe that elephants can do a lot of things that will help the world.

In conclusion, I believe that we should not kill elephants for Ivory. Every day, every 15 minutes one elephants is killed, soon there will not even be any Ivory in the world again if there is no ivory. So i believe that We should not kill elephants for Ivory.

Newton’s Laws of Motion

This week 4B has been making mind maps from brainpop again and this time we it is about Newton’s Laws of Motion. Isaac Newton is known for his Laws of motion, he has 3 Laws of Motion and they are really important.


His first Law of Motion is “An object in motion will stay in motion, and an object in rest will stay at rest unless an unbalanced force acts on it ”. That means an object will keep moving until an unbalanced force acts on the opposite direction to stop it.


Newton’s second law of Motion is “ An object that an unbalanced force acting on it will accelerate in the direction of that force.” That means(example) When you are sitting down, gravity is pushing on you and normal force is pushing against gravity, If you go down a hill gravity wins.


Newton’s last law of motion is “forces always occur in equal and opposite pairs” That means there are always force pushing in both ways.

Tales of The Fourth Grade Nothing

Through the year 4B had been reading a book called “Tales of The Fourth Grade Nothing” and today we finished it. The story is about fourth grade boy called Peter, his best friend Jimmy Fargo, his family and Fudge his trouble making brother. When his trouble making brother was born nobody cared about Peter, soon Peter felt jealous and sad.

If I were to meet or be one of the characters I would be Fudge because he is funny and curious. He always make things fun and funny and he gets to play all day. If I were to meet one of the characters I would meet Fudge to because he is my favourite character.

This book influenced me to read more and find out more about Judy Blume’s books.                          

Learning Buddies

On Friday, 4B went to 1E to have Learning Buddies. This week instead of just playing we read a book , the book was called Little Oink. After a wonderful book me and my buddy went to the playground to play. When we were walking down, my buddy and my friends buddy were talking together, when we walked down we all played hide and seek .

Me and my friend went easy on them so we hid behind a tiny mountain, they found us really fast because they peeked. Another person came to join, it was my friend and her learning buddy. Later we played again, we keep losing because they keep peeking.

Later we had to go, so we said goodbye to our buddies.

4B Assembly

On September 23rd , We had our 4B Assembly. It was based about the 8 different Multiple Intelligences, it is about 4 kids who try a new game gets sucked inside the game about Multiple Intelligences.

The Multiple Intelligences are:

-Verbal Linguistic








To get out of the game they have to pass the 8 different challenges, for example Mathematical Logical. The people how host that topic will ask them some questions. I hosted Intrapersonal with my friend. We had fun and worked hard on this.   

HK History Museum

On Thursday, 4B went on there first field trip to the HK History Museum. We were split into groups of 4 or 3, we were also with a parent helper.

In the Museum there was lots of interesting things like 400,000,000 years ago rocks, but we had to focus on the Opium War and Japanese Occupation Of  HK. We also saw lots of animals and olden days stuff.

What I learnt from the Opium War is that Opium is a really really bad type of drug and it was between China and Britain. It started at 1839 to 1841, China also gave New Territories to the Britain.What I also learned about the Japanese Occupation of HK is at 1941 8 Dec it started and in Dec 18 Japanese troops landed in Quarry Bay. HK was not prepared for their air defence, so there air defence got destroyed. On the 25th of Dec 1941, In the afternoon HK Surrendered.

After all that we ate lunch, after lunch  we went to the park. After the park we went to the Bus and went back to CDNIS.   

My Bar Graph

Lately, 4B has been making bar graphs, we all have to make one. To Make this graph 4B had to follow some steps.

  1. Make a topic
  2. collect the data
  3. Make the graph
  4. Add the data
  5. Add colour( must)

If you don’t add colour it wont be a bar graph ,because all bar graph has colour and colourful .My question is If you had a Mystical Pet what would it be : a Narwhal( not a mystical animal), unicorn, pegasus,ten headed lion, dragon, fairy(not a animal) and other. I learned how to make a digital  graph, also last year we also made a bar graph too.


Seminar- Ancient Olympics Reflection

The Ancient Olympics dedicated to a Greek God, Zeus. The first Olympics was held in 776 b.c. In the first Olympics there was only 1 event , the foot race. In that time no girls was allowed in the Olympics, they had to stay home do chores. Only men could watch or participate . Every time the Olympics has new events, they were mostly with fire. In the olden days  they only wanted to show the world , now we want to get medals.

This was for Zeus they wanted to give a gift to him , but now Ancient Olympics is for showing people. Now girls can watch the Olympics and participate in the Olympics.

Seminar-Girl Power Reflection

In the past girls had no right to attend school because people thought that boys education is more important than girls education. Girls could only have tutors, but they still could not attend school.

In the 17th century the first school for girls was made. Even though it was made some girls still did not go to school because of early marriage, too poor, working for parents or sometimes their parents would send their child away because they have not enough money. But still 10 countries don’t allow girls to go to school.

Education is important because if you don’t learn, you can not teach your child and education makes a good life. Now most of the girls have good education and have the right to go to school.


The last few weeks 4B had 4 robotics classes, I have made 4 robotic projects so far. Some of my projects did not work successfully, but some worked successfully. The robots that we are programming are called m-bots, we had to program it and the other class fixed it. I felt excited and nervous because I maybe will miss something and I will get in trouble.   


So far my best project is with my friend Eden, we both worked together and made a synchronised dancing robot. I was fun working together, but we did not finish because of some issues. Thank goodness we have another class for robotics so we can finish our project.


My first project was not too successful and a little boring because I did not add many codes and it did not work well. Well I only made it sing but not move. I tried to make it move but it did not work. I still tried my best!


What was challenging was that sometimes you forget things, like to turn on your robot, connect it the serial port and others. But the most challenging this to me was that when you forget to stop the robot from moving because then you have to disconnect from serial port and after it stops you have to do it again.


What went well was that me and Eden made a successful project and the teachers were impressed. I am also proud of never giving up even if I made a big mistake
I also learned to always try your best and even if you did not finish you did your best. Also I learned to make a synchronised dancing robot.      

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