Guest Speaker

Last Friday, There was a guest speaker that came to our school to talk about Natural Disasters he was called Graeme Still. The guest speaker used to be a police officer so that’s why he has been in a lot of dangerous disasters.  He was talking about three main things Typhoon, fire, floods, landslides.


The first thing he talked about was Typhoon. In Graeme Still’s days their was no television or phones to tell the world a important message at once. So they used signs, They had different meanings some meant a very dangerous Typhoon, not so bad Typhoon, etc…  . The signs are put on the top of some houses close to the ocean so boats can see, they are hanged up by a sting, but it won’t go up in till you pull the sting. For different levels of how strong the wind is they have to go to other houses to show the different levels of how strong the wind . Graeme Still had been on heavy typhoons like typhoon 10. One time the was a big typhoon and there was a taxi with elderly people in it, the taxi driver could not see the road properly because of the rain. Then the fell in to a big pool with lots of mud in it, so when the police came they only saw the light of the taxi. The police(Graeme Still and other police men) men had to go inside and take the passengers out, only the driver came out the passengers did not make it.


The second thing he talked about was Land Slides. Land slides is when a big part of a mountin or dirt falls and destroy the things below it. There was one Land slide that happened in Po Shan Road(HK), 1972. It happened at 7pm so nobody was prepared. When it happened it covered a 4 story house, knocked down lots of buildings, Now there are not much Land Slides because our drains are now better.


The last thing he talked about was about fires he told us two stories about him learning and helping to stop a fire. Once he was learning how to use a fire hose he flew straight back because he thought it was easy like how people do it in movies. Another movie was there was a fire in his building and he had to go out. Lastley he told us how dangouros fire was.


On that day I learned a lot more about natural disasters.


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