Commercial Project

Few weeks ago, 4B started making commercials in groups. I was in a group of four, we had trouble choosing the product because we all had different ideas in mind. We first had to agree on 1 product, we first made our product a bamboo water bottle,then we made it into a bamboo toothbrush called the Bossy Brush. The specialty of our product was that it had a toothpaste inside so you don’t need to buy a toothpaste, this can also make your luggage lighter and you will have more space for your other stuff. The Bossy Brush is not made out of plastic it’s made out of Bamboo, so it’s more friendly to the planet.


There was a short process till we got to Filming the commercials, In our first step we had to plan, then we had to storyboard, rehearsing(did not need to rehearse), then we had to film and at last we had to edit in iMovie. The process my group is in now is the filming.    


In our commercial I was playing as a little girl who’s tooth fell of, my friend played as my friend my friend who help me fix my tooth. My two other friends were the dentist. In our first scene me and my friend were at the movies eating popcorn and  When I chewed the popcorn my tooth fell out, so me and my friend went to the toilet to look at her tooth… (Don’t want to spoil the whole thing)


What I learned during the filming process was how to use green screen and I also learned about filming techniques. Filming techniques are angles you use to film with, for example close up. The reason my group chose this product was because it was interesting and fun.





Comparing Advertisements

Few days ago 4B made a poster about comparing advertisements from the same company.The teacher put us in groups of four and gave us two advertisements. What we had to do was compare the technics it and write which one is more efficient and my advertisement was about iPods.


There was two different pictures about iPods, the first picture of a girl covered in black holding a white iPod and white headphones.Under the girl there was small writing in the bottom giving a message about the iPods and it can’t be seen well.This is the reason my group did not really like this picture and the picture also is really plain and boring.


The second picture is a picture of different colors of ipods clipping onto a shirt.Under the iPod there was big words that said “GET YOUR GROOVE ON. IN FOUR NEW COLORS” and under that there was tiny words that said some information about the iPods. My group thought that this was more colorful, more efficient and more persuasive.


So later me and my group thought that the second picture was more effective.  



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