Grade 10 personal projects

On March 2 (late) 4B was invited to see the grade 10 personal projects. Grade 10 took along time doing this and  they put hard work into this project. In the exhibition there was a lot of cool and interesting projects. For example, there was a bicycle that charges devices, there was a some for saving puppies( there is a lot more).


The first project I went to see was a bicycle one. The bicycle could charge devices by paddling it. I went on the tall mountain bike and tried it , the man did not turn it on yet so later he turned it on,it really worked. Later I went to a girl who was trying to help dogs by making a Facebook page about saving puppies, in her Facebook page there was article’s about dogs. In one of the parts on her Facebook page there was a video about a dog getting tested by people. The reason she made this page because she loves animals but the real reason she made this was because some people really hate dogs so they throw them out or use them for testing.


The third station I went to was a comic book station, in that station there was a girl who made a comic book. The comic book was not really for kids to read so I didn’t really understand. Later we went to a station that was next to us and it was about how to play basketball, there i learned more about the rules in basketball.


For my last station i went to the dolphin project, it was about dolphins in captivity. The there was against it, she said that they live longer and better in the wild but in captivity they live for live for like three years.he also told me that they can’t show their feeling so that’s why what we don’t know what their feeling. In captivity they also give them dead fish, not like fish in the wild. In that case, dolphins won’t know how to dive more than three meters because they will forget their survival skills and die.


I really enjoyed the Grade 10 personal projects I hope I can visit this exhibition again.


My SPCA Poster

Lately 4B has been making Posters, we had choices for the topics. We had a choice to do “No more Plastic at the Flower Fair”, “SPCA” or “VOTE FOR ME”(  won’t really become student council). We had to work in groups or we could work or alone. I worked in a group with 2 of my friends, we chose our topic to be SPCA. We had to at least answer three questions who was your target audience, what techniques did you use to influence your audience and how might your audience respond to what you created.


Our target audience was everybody because we want them to be influenced to buy a pet and save a animal life. Saving an animal life means if you buy a pet you will save a life. The techniques we used was colour, the tape, shapes and some quotes. The colour made it more stand out and same as the tape and the shaped. The quotes were for influencing people to save an animal. The audience might respond of what me and my friends created by saving a pet and giving it a loving home to live in.


In this event I enjoyed making my poster with my friends and i also enjoyed presenting my poster.  

Newton’s Laws of Motion

This week 4B has been making mind maps from brainpop again and this time we it is about Newton’s Laws of Motion. Isaac Newton is known for his Laws of motion, he has 3 Laws of Motion and they are really important.


His first Law of Motion is “An object in motion will stay in motion, and an object in rest will stay at rest unless an unbalanced force acts on it ”. That means an object will keep moving until an unbalanced force acts on the opposite direction to stop it.


Newton’s second law of Motion is “ An object that an unbalanced force acting on it will accelerate in the direction of that force.” That means(example) When you are sitting down, gravity is pushing on you and normal force is pushing against gravity, If you go down a hill gravity wins.


Newton’s last law of motion is “forces always occur in equal and opposite pairs” That means there are always force pushing in both ways.

Sailboat Design

Last week 4B has been making sailboats with our table groups, our goal was to make our sailboat go across the big green basin with natural wind. We had a limited amount of materials for making a sailboat, cardboard, Plastic bag, a4 papers , tape and a stapler.

What went well was we got our sailboat went across the basin the fastest, when we were making the boat we did not argue instead we had fun, we agreed on the same things like how the boat was going to look like and we found a way to test our boat in fake water, we put our boat on plastic instead because if it is on table it will not move as well in water.

What my group found difficult was testing it out our sail boat because we don’t know the truth, we don’t know what will really happen. What we also found difficult was making the boat because when we thought we finished the boat and we tested it wasn’t finish.

I could improve my sailboat design by make it more compact, for example we could have not left the plastic sticking out and we could have added less staples. We could also make it more stable not so slanted because when the boat stands it won’t stand straight.

I enjoyed playing and making this sailboat, I enjoyed seeing people’s work  and I enjoyed cooperating with my group.

My Buoyancy Mind Map

Lately 4B has been watching a another video from BrainPop and it was about buoyancy. We also had to make a mind map after we finished watching the video and my mind map is about the differences between fluids and solids. My prior knowledge about that is that fluids is liquid, solids are hard and solids sink not float.

Fluids can be liquid, for example water and juice and fluids can be gas . Fluids don’t seem to push back when you push on it but they do and fluids float. After all liquid is a fluid and when you push on it it doesn’t seem to push back.

Solids are hard and heavy, for example of a solid is a bowling ball. Solids push back when you push on them and it can float or sink. Solids can not be water or any liquid and gas, solids can only be hard and heavy things. After all solids are heavy, they  do not push back and some can float.

My Gravity Mind Map

This week 4B has been making Mind Maps again, but this time we are going to watch a video about Gravity. Now I am going to explain my Mind Map. My prior knowledge is  “gravity holds you down and when their is no gravity you will be floating, gravity holds all the planets together ands that means gravity is very important.”

Gravity pulls everything down , holds everything down and everything has gravity. Sir Isaac Newton discovered gravity and he found out that gravity depended on two things mass and distance. Later Albert Einstein continued Sir Isaac Newton research about gravity and found out that actually massive objects bend space time.

My Forces Mind Map

This week 4B started their new unit, this unit is about motion and forces. Lately we had been making mind maps about force and motion, we use BrainPop and the video is called forces. It is about forces like push pull and others…

After the video we made a mind map, we had to use the keywords or we had to put in  other words . A non- contact force is when the force is not touching the object and it is affecting it like gravity, a contact force is something  that  is touching the object and it is affecting it for example push, pull or drag. Acceleration is direction and direction is acceleration. Magnitude is the size of force, velocity changes the speed or direction of an object, Newton’s is a number of force ( the force is unbalanced) and net force is a thing that measures how strong the force is.

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