Ukulele Submission- Your Choice- Someone To Lava

(the photo and the mp3 is in the drive)

Ci Cii Di Dii 2019/20

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this?

I used the same strum pattern as the same song, I did this because I thought this pattern suited the song the most. The tempo of the song is also the same 152, this is because it’s not to fast or too slow. I followed the way the singer sang it in the original, I followed the tune and paid attention to where he started singing. I did not add any extra chords and did I make it shorter or longer, this is because I was focusing on making it similar to the original. All in all, it’s similar because of ukelele, singing, strum pattern, etc.

How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? 

In the original song, there is no piano and guitar, in my version, there is piano throughout the song and bass in the chores. I decided to only add the bass in the chorus because I wanted to separate the verses and the chorus because they blended in too much. I added the piano throughout the song. The piano added a background making it less bland. In the original song, there were many parts where the tempo slowed down and speeded up. In mines, there was only one tempo throughout the entire song. I chose to do this because I wanted the song to be consistent, however, if I could do it again I would defiantly try doing this.

Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use…

Some things I learned in the last project that was helpful in this one was learning about the bars. I learned that every 1 strum pattern it should take up 1 bar. This helped the music be more consistent and on time. I also learned to use the drums, when the chorus came I made the drums more complex to make it a little different from the verses. In the verses, I made the drums soft, and simple. I also learned to make new tracks, I used this in my singing, so I could choose between two versions.

Time management for your project… 

During this project, I tried to get as much work done in an online class and during school classes. I was able to get a good amount of work done every class, which resulted in me being able to finish my work just in time. I think I could do more work in each class next time, this is because I think it would be better to finish earlier. Overall, I think I used my time fairly and was able to turn in the work just in time.

Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) 

During online classes, I found it hard to get help as I could not join every single class. I made sure that when I was with the teacher at school I got feedback, or at least let him see my work. I did this because I knew that I had some mistakes and needed help and feedback. Although I was a little behind at the beginning(When I was on the chords others had already started on the piano), I was able to catch up and get back on track. This also means that I was able to get the work done before the deadline.

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