Unité 1 Parlez-vous français-critères C et D à l’oral

Task: Create a role-play to include all of the information you have learned since the beginning of the year.


  • Pronunciation: Pronunciation was challenging as this is a new language. I always accidentally pronounce letters that are supposed to be silent(“S”).
  • Developing the script: This was challenging because we found it troublesome when making our script longer. At the end we were successful.
  • Time management: Developing the script took our time and at the end, we had to rush to class and finish our recording in minimal time. Therefore we only took one recording and didn’t have time to revise it.

What went well    

  •  The work ethic of my partner: My partner did not cause any problems but helped make our script better. She also corrected my pronunciation.
  •  My partner and I both evened out each other meaning that one of us didn’t control one another.
  • Although we had to come into class, we ended up handing in the assignment in time

 Result: How do you feel about your results     

  • I wish I had gotten a higher result and had more time to revise and make multiple recordings. If we did that, we could have made changes.

   The goal for the next assessment: how are you going to achieve your goal

  • My goal for next time is to plan out my steps. For example, plan out how much time and when I will record or make the script. Most importantly to follow it. I am going to achieve this by putting a reminder on my computer. Like, a sticky note on the time I have to complete a task. To follow it, I will have my peers or my parents remind me. Or if I have free time at school, I’ll do it.

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