Weekly Reflection

This week 6D started a new unit. This unit is about art. I chose to inquire into photography. I chose photography because even before this unit, I was interested in photography. This week I learned about, shutter speed, aperture and ISO.


Shutter speed is the time and speed of a camera window opening and the light that travels into it. If your shutter speed is set to a small number, your moving object will be blurry. That’s because the camera is taking a photo of multiple moments, therefore it will create a blurry trail. Sometimes your object is moving out of the reach of the camera(the camera is moving away from the camera). If your camera’s shutter is set to the speed of 3, but the object moves away from the camera in less than 3 seconds then the object will not be in your shot. That’s because the object has already past, or is not visible from the camera’s perspective anymore. The picture is captured slowly. If your shutter is set to a high speed, then your moving subject in the picture will be clear. The photo will be taken quickly and will take a picture of one moment.


Aperture is the amount of light that is captured. Aperture also controls the depth of field. The bigger the aperture is clear the photo will be. If your aperture is small, there will be a long depth of field. There will be a lot of distance and focus.


ISO is the sensitivity of the light in your scene, it controls the light. ISO can sense the light. The higher the ISO is the less light is required for it to be brighter.


All in all, this is what I learned this week. I gained a lot of knowledge about photography. I learned about ISO, aperture, and Shutter speed. Since I focused on shutter speed this week, next week my goal is to inquire more about aperture and ISO.

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