Exhibition Reflection

We have been working on our exhibition throughout the whole entire school year. Everybody worked hard and it’s officially over. My exhibition topic is the endangerment of Black-Faced Spoonbills. These birds are endangered all over East Aisa. I chose to inquire into these animals because they are not known. Not many people know them. Therefore, I wanted to let people know them, and help take action to save them.


I liked the way I could share my knowledge I have about my topic to others. I also really liked and am proud of my action, my action was going plastic free for 24 days. The plastic that was not recyclable would have to be put inside a jar, the jar will then be used to show if going plastic free is challenging or easy. I thought it was a good idea because it was challenging, it was something I wouldn’t do, it’s something out of my comfort zone. Normally, if I was going to take action I would just raise awareness and raise money for charities. Now I know that taking action means making a change in yourself and then others. I am also proud of my research and what I have learned.


Even though my action was one of the best parts of my exhibition, it was one of the most challenging things. It was hard for me to find my action, it was because before action meant raising awareness and money.


Thanks to the Plastic Free Challenge, it will now be easy to remember to use less plastic. Now after the challenge, I still use less and recycle more plastic. My next goal is to also get my family to use less plastic and recycle too.


My exhibition helped me understand how to take action and make a change, how endangerment has dominated our world, how we can recycle many things like glue sticks and some food packets, and how also how we have learned to rely on plastic.  


Next time I will contact at least 5 experts in case some don’t reply, I need to work on my display, and not clump everything up at one spot. For instance, I put all the plastic-free challenge jars on one side, which sort of made the display messy.


Now after the exhibition, I can explain my lines of inquiry. For instance, the threats of Black-faced Spoonbills. The threats are pollution especially plastic, habitat loss and hunting.


Overall, I thought the exhibition taught me many things. Like, what action is, what are Black-Faced Spoonbills, etc. Even after the exhibition, I will continue to use less plastic and inquire into Black-Faced Spoonbills.

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