Grade 10 personal projects

On March 2 (late) 4B was invited to see the grade 10 personal projects. Grade 10 took along time doing this and  they put hard work into this project. In the exhibition there was a lot of cool and interesting projects. For example, there was a bicycle that charges devices, there was a some for saving puppies( there is a lot more).


The first project I went to see was a bicycle one. The bicycle could charge devices by paddling it. I went on the tall mountain bike and tried it , the man did not turn it on yet so later he turned it on,it really worked. Later I went to a girl who was trying to help dogs by making a Facebook page about saving puppies, in her Facebook page there was article’s about dogs. In one of the parts on her Facebook page there was a video about a dog getting tested by people. The reason she made this page because she loves animals but the real reason she made this was because some people really hate dogs so they throw them out or use them for testing.


The third station I went to was a comic book station, in that station there was a girl who made a comic book. The comic book was not really for kids to read so I didn’t really understand. Later we went to a station that was next to us and it was about how to play basketball, there i learned more about the rules in basketball.


For my last station i went to the dolphin project, it was about dolphins in captivity. The there was against it, she said that they live longer and better in the wild but in captivity they live for live for like three years.he also told me that they can’t show their feeling so that’s why what we don’t know what their feeling. In captivity they also give them dead fish, not like fish in the wild. In that case, dolphins won’t know how to dive more than three meters because they will forget their survival skills and die.


I really enjoyed the Grade 10 personal projects I hope I can visit this exhibition again.


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