My SPCA Poster

Lately 4B has been making Posters, we had choices for the topics. We had a choice to do “No more Plastic at the Flower Fair”, “SPCA” or “VOTE FOR ME”(  won’t really become student council). We had to work in groups or we could work or alone. I worked in a group with 2 of my friends, we chose our topic to be SPCA. We had to at least answer three questions who was your target audience, what techniques did you use to influence your audience and how might your audience respond to what you created.


Our target audience was everybody because we want them to be influenced to buy a pet and save a animal life. Saving an animal life means if you buy a pet you will save a life. The techniques we used was colour, the tape, shapes and some quotes. The colour made it more stand out and same as the tape and the shaped. The quotes were for influencing people to save an animal. The audience might respond of what me and my friends created by saving a pet and giving it a loving home to live in.


In this event I enjoyed making my poster with my friends and i also enjoyed presenting my poster.  


  1. Alicia says:

    You really used a lot of nice drawings that were really persuading, just a tip, when you go to the SPCA, you don’t buy animals, you adopt them. All the money you give them when you get a dg is a donation. But superb job!!

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