Sailboat Design

Last week 4B has been making sailboats with our table groups, our goal was to make our sailboat go across the big green basin with natural wind. We had a limited amount of materials for making a sailboat, cardboard, Plastic bag, a4 papers , tape and a stapler.

What went well was we got our sailboat went across the basin the fastest, when we were making the boat we did not argue instead we had fun, we agreed on the same things like how the boat was going to look like and we found a way to test our boat in fake water, we put our boat on plastic instead because if it is on table it will not move as well in water.

What my group found difficult was testing it out our sail boat because we don’t know the truth, we don’t know what will really happen. What we also found difficult was making the boat because when we thought we finished the boat and we tested it wasn’t finish.

I could improve my sailboat design by make it more compact, for example we could have not left the plastic sticking out and we could have added less staples. We could also make it more stable not so slanted because when the boat stands it won’t stand straight.

I enjoyed playing and making this sailboat, I enjoyed seeing people’s work  and I enjoyed cooperating with my group.

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  1. Claartje says:

    That’s good work Daphne!
    You really tell everyone about what went well and what was difficult and all that stuff!
    Your post is very well done! Know I know all about what you guys did with the sailboats!

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