My Buoyancy Mind Map

Lately 4B has been watching a another video from BrainPop and it was about buoyancy. We also had to make a mind map after we finished watching the video and my mind map is about the differences between fluids and solids. My prior knowledge about that is that fluids is liquid, solids are hard and solids sink not float.

Fluids can be liquid, for example water and juice and fluids can be gas . Fluids don’t seem to push back when you push on it but they do and fluids float. After all liquid is a fluid and when you push on it it doesn’t seem to push back.

Solids are hard and heavy, for example of a solid is a bowling ball. Solids push back when you push on them and it can float or sink. Solids can not be water or any liquid and gas, solids can only be hard and heavy things. After all solids are heavy, they  do not push back and some can float.

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