My Instrument Choice

My instrument choice is the saxophone. It is a woodwind instrument that plays different notes when you push the buttons on it. This video is a really good example of what the saxophone sounds like. It has also inspired me to choose the saxophone for music class. Here is the link to it! Here are a few great links that teach you how to play the saxophone. How to hold the saxophone, and How to play the basic keys. I hope these links help you start to learn this musical instrument! Enjoy!

Math shape art

My Shape

Yesterday, Ms B gave us a shape challenge where we needed to create a shape with:

  • Two sets of parallel lines that intersect to create perpendicular lines
  • Intersecting lines that create a 30º, 45º and 60º angles
  • An angle bisector (line that splits an angle into 2 equal parts)

It was hard, because I had to apply all the criteria into the shape, but eventually I figured it out!



My Exhibition

My Exhibition


Me presenting

On the exhibition day, I was feeling nervous because we had to present to a lot of people. I think I did well in explaining my models and what they do, but my presentation skills need a lot of work. I also could have made my backdrop better by adding more pictures and colors so my presentation could have been more appealing to the audience.

I am most proud of my models because I had to learn how to use different tools and figure out how to put the parts together. I spent a lot of time on the models, but they were fun to make. My main challenge was trying to make the slideshow less boring and trying to make my presentation more fun, even though it still needs lots of work. People asked me questions like: How I built the models, how much help I had and what I was most proud of. They also gave me some feedback. The feedback said that the models were cool, and they learned a lot from the slideshow. However, I could make the slideshow shorter and more interesting. I think that all the feedback was really accurate compared to what I thought about my project, because I also thought I had to make the presentation more fun and interesting. If I could present again, I would make my slideshow more interesting, shorter and have less words, and I would put more pictures on my backdrop and make it more colourful. I will try to take action by making changes in my house to cause less air pollution, like using less electricity and using more public transportation.  

Learning Cohort: Me (Brendon), Josh Wan, Tayne, Hajime and Mr. Baird


Activist Speech glows and grows

We had to make a speech about the issue we cared about the most. The theme is Sharing The Planet. These are my glows and grows.

Glows: I had information from different sources, and my speaking is getting better.

Grows: I need my speech to be a bit more inspiring and convincing, so people will want to take action about the problem. I think I need to state what I want people to do about the problem more clearly, so it won’t be confusing. I also need more hand gestures.

My speech:

WWPT Chinese Unit Reflection

我们的Central Idea是:根据學校附近社區的需求,在黄竹坑的新发展土地上設計一个經濟活動。

  1. 我学了很多经济活动
  2. 交流的方法
  3. 多谢词语
  4. 中文语法



  • 我投入
  • 我的slideshow有细节
  • 我练习了很多
  • 我的slideshow有信息


  • 有时候我停了
  • 我的 slideshow 不是太有趣

Adventures at G6 Camp

We had camp at Outward Bound in Sai Kung! It was okay, but I got a bit homesick and I had no sleep for the first two nights. Fortunately, the camp instructors and Sandy lao shi were nice and they helped me out. Otherwise, it was one of the best camps I’ve been in. The food was good, the place was nice, the views when hiking were amazing and the activities were great. Here are some of the highlights:


Jetty Jump


One of my favourite parts was the jetty jump. It was really exhilarating, because we had to jump off a really high platform, which was higher than last year’s. I got a bit scared at first when I saw the drop, but when I jumped, it turned out to be really fun! When I fell down, my stomach dropped and everything was a blur. It seemed longer than it actually was, and I really enjoyed it.

I also really enjoyed hiking. Even though we were plagued by bees and my group chose the easiest hike, I still really enjoyed it because the views were great and the path we took was nice. Also, the terrain was changing from walking through gravel, cement and even a patch or ground where there was lots of stones, steep hills and the ground was orange. (I led/navigated on that part.) That was my favourite.


When we collected wood for the campfire it was really fun in ways I can’t explain. I learned there were different levels of wood: level 1 being the most flammable but didn’t light for so long (dry leaves) to level 5 being the hardest to light but lasted the longest (entire big branches and small tree trunks). It was really funny when Patrick came back to the campfire site with a branch so big it was like a log. It was really heavy, and it almost wouldn’t fit into the fireplace. We also made s’mores! Some of our marshmallows caught on fire though. =)

Last day at Camp! Enjoying the Moment

The last day was really fun. We went down to the Boathouse to wash the camping gear and tents, and we had oatmeal with raisins for breakfast. After breakfast, we played on the beach. Then, we did this final challenge where we had to scoot down a small pipe. I went first because no one else wanted to, and it was a long way down. The instructors told me to scoot down like a caterpillar, but the pipe was really long, it was pitch black and I kept bumping my head and my tailbone on the pipe. However, it was really exciting and fun

Group Photo! 

Featuring: Brendon (me), Jayden, Patrick, Coco, Morning, Elizabeth, Chelsea, Lauren, Paegan, Sing (Instructor), Dick (Instructor) and Jane (Instructor). Photo taken by: Sandy lao shi








5 days in Ms B’s Classroom

This week was really fun. We learned about the states of matter and we continued working on the classroom project!

When we learned about the states of matter, first we learned about what matter is. At first, I knew that everything was made of matter, and there were only 3 states of matter: solid, liquid and gas. Then, Ms. B taught us that there were many states of matter other than solid, liquid and gas. The next main state of matter was plasma. We did some research on what matter is, then we were split up into four groups: solid, liquid, gas and plasma. I was put into the plasma group. My group did lots of research, and I think everyone worked really hard. Then, we had to write down what we learned on a sheet of paper. I could improve on explaining things better, because I wasted some time trying to think of a way to explain how plasma was made. Next time, if I can’t do something, I will ask instead of wasting time.

The classroom project was really fun! I am in the Maker Space group, and my group has to try and design the maker space. We got a lot of things done, like measuring the tables, selecting a shelf for Ms. B and sending an e-mail to Mr. William for the shelf. However, for a while, we didn’t know what to do, so next time I think we should assign roles to each person so we know what to do right off the bat, and we won’t waste time standing around thinking about what we should do.

My interesting week in 6A at CDNIS

This week was interesting because we had home learning and we learned lots of things about language.

For the HL, we had to pick 2 activities from a grid of nine activities. The ones I picked were home learning success and learning space. It was okay for me because I was really focused and I think I did well on it. I tried my best on it, and when I finished it, I still had time to do my Chinese homework. Since I finished it on Wednesday, I will try to manage my time better and finish it earlier in the week.

When we did language, it was really fun because we worked really well and we learned a lot of things. I think that this week was really good, but we have to work on not interrupting the teacher.



Home Learning Success and Learning Space Reflection

I think that the home learning went really well, and I tried to put a lot of effort into it. I think it was good because I was really focused and I wasn’t distracted by anything, which doesn’t happen often. I tried to do it the best I could, but I wasn’t sure if I did it to the best of my abilities, so I checked it over and over again to see if I could add more detail, and it worked. I think I did well and I am satisfied with my work.