Chinese Culture Centre Beam Design 弘汉轩横梁设计

你好,我是 Asrya。这是我的弘汉轩横梁设计。我用了红色,金色,蓝色,一点黑色和一点白色。我也用绿色和粉红色。我画了阴阳的图案。红色和金色代表吉利和好运气。阴阳代表中庸。中国人重视平衡的生活,“中庸”带来和平,好运气,好的关系和幸福的生活。

Hello, I am Asrya. This is my Chinese Culture Beam Design. In my Beam Design I used red, gold, blue, a little black and a little white. I also used green and pink. I used the pattern Yin and Yang, because Yin and Yang represents balance. The colours Red and gold represent luck and good fortune. Chinese people value balanced life, good luck, good relationships and happy life. That’s why I choose those colours and symbols/animals. Thanks you for reading and I hope you like my Beam Design. BYE!!!!

First Semester Reflection

In what area or areas do you feel you have grown the most this semester?

I feel like I have gotten a lot better at math, most particularly the explaining part. I feel like I have gotten better at explaining my thinking about math topics and other things. I also feel like I have gotten better at the ukulele in performing arts. I am also more familiar now with where to put commas. I feel really good about my subjects and special list class, but need to get better at handing in my homework. Also the PYPX. 

In what area or areas do you feel you really need to focus on more as the year progresses?

This year I need to focus on handing in my home work on time. Handing anything on time. I maybe need a little extra help with language and math, but to much because I feel pretty confident with those 2 subjects. I also feel confident with UOI, and the units.


Field Trip Reflection

Last week, we went to Oxfam field trip, and we learned a lot of interesting stuff about china migrant workers. We also did a simulation of us getting off a bus and working. We got an idea of what some workers have to go through and it’s sad. They work 12 hour non stop with a “lunch break”. They also have really low pay for all the hard work they do. It isn’t fair and they go into the city to get more money. Before they worked in the countryside, farm. When I was doing the simulation I thought it was fun doing work but then I started to realise people at the factory would be more strict and harder, and it would be more tiring. I wouldn’t have friends, money or anything. I am very lucky not to be in that situation. I feel sad knowing some people out there work day and night for food and money and I get it everyday without doing anything. During the simulation it was fun but in real life working 12 hours would not be fun. It would be scary, depressing and stressful.  



Hey guys, I recently had the 3 way conference. I went with my mom. My teacher said I had a lot of strengths but I have one particular goal. My goal is to be on time and if I’m late don’t disturb or interrupt the class. My second goal is to be respectful to the teacher and raise my hand and don’t interrupt the class and listen to the instructions better. BYE!!!

Weekly Reflections

Weekly Reflection


Hey everyone, so I have been in school for about 3 weeks now and we haven’t had any serious work yet but we have started a new unit HTWW. We are learning about matter. We are also working on our projects. It’s about how our strengths, interests and passions make us who we are. I am making video about my passions and interests and how my friends and family made me into a person that I am today and am proud of that person, without them I wouldn’t be Azzy, so I love them for that. We also did other projects to find out what our class should be called and we are the 6B Bacon Babes. School is pretty fun especially recess but it’s also a little boring at times but I love coming to school to see my friends and to learn.


Besides form UOI we have also done Math. In math we are learning about Patterns and watched ucubed for a whole week and they gave us little lessons everyday for a week. We also did a reading response about a book we are reading. I’m reading Spy School The Secret Service. We are also learning badminton in PE, that’s probably my highlight or making Bacon people for our door. Next week I’m going to try to focus more and stop interrupting. My low light is probably math because I learned about Patterns from last year but it’s okay.




Hello guys, for today we learned about patterns and what makes a pattern. Repetition is one of the key elements for making patterns. There are different types of patterns, like a growing pattern, AB pattern, ABA pattern, ABC pattern and more, some patterns are harder to understand than others.

In class Mr. Roberts showed us some patterns and we gotta make some patterns too. Patterns are fun to make and I hope you make some too. BYE!   

My pattern: 

Fashion Show

Hello guys, is everyone enjoying there CNY break, I know I am, wait a second only Lower School doesn’t have school because the government shut down all Lower School because of flew and other sickness. Upper school still has school though. Anyways Grade 5 was ment to have our Fashion Show on February 9th but not anymore, don’t worry it’s postpone. My goal here today is to explain how my group prepared for the Fashion Show and what we actually did. Hope you enjoy!


On Tuesday we went to the innovation lab, we saw 2 women and Ms. T. They taught us some tricks to help us design and we did some challenges and taught us how to draw you design with a human. 

We picked our groups and choice a monacan. My group has Oliver, Sarah, Shiv, Takdeer and me. We got our materials, our material was bubble wrap and we started designing we shaped and cut out the pieces of the bubbles wrap we didn’t want and pined the pieces we did want and organised it on the monacan, after we picked o ur model, we had a vote and I was the new model. Since I’m short and small and skinny they had to measure me and make sure the clothing can fit me. 

We drew out some designs and picked the best one and our theme was AIR, we had a cape, a hat, body armour, gloves, clouds, shine pads and some wavy lines. Everything was going great until I couldn’t come to the fashion show because I had the Cross Country Championships, so we had to pick another model, we picked Sarah cause she’s a girl, Im a girl and out of everyone in my group she was the  closes person to my size, after some help with Ms. T and making a new hat and loosening everything because she’s taller and bigger, it fit her and she looked good but it turns out the Cross Country Championships were cancelled and that was for nothing but oh well, hope you get an experience like this and BYE!


Hey guys, today we had a math lesson about proportions. A proportion is 2 ratios that are equivalent or equal. For a ratio to be equivalent it has to have the same value and unit, pair of equivalent ratios. An a equivalent fraction is that the top is half of bottom. We did an assignment, I did how many trapezoids fit in a bigger trapezoid.