Unité 1 Parlez-vous français

Le critère C et D à l’oral

The task was: Create a skit to include the information that we learned from the fist unit.

My challenges:

The challenges my partner Jasper and I had were finishing are skit on time because I was absent for one class and that set us back quite a bit, so we decided to use one of are lunch breaks to catch up. We were relived because we thought even using that lunch time we were still not going to catch up but we managed to have it submitted on time.

Overall I think I did okay I got a 4 and a 5 which was decent but I need to work on my pronunciation.


First Semester Reflection

First Semester Reflection


In what area or areas do you feel you have grown the most this semester?

Writing because in the beginning of the year I did not use commas whatsoever but now i think that my grammar is getting better. In the beginning of the year I was hard on myself because I was negative, but know I have loosened up. I still make mistakes but I try to fix them.


In what area or areas do you feel you really need to focus on more as the year progresses?

Structured writing because sometimes I forget to write conclusions, and my paragraphs are super long and it gets really messy. I also think I need to work on stop putting pressure on me because on fridays we have chinese exams and I put to much pressure on myself and my parents are telling me to relax so I am starting to work on one thing and take my mind of chinese.

Oxfam Field trip

Last week we went to Oxfam also known as Oxford committee for famine relief. The reason why my class went to Oxfam was because we had a field trip, to see how chinese factory workers work and how hard it is for them to get a residency card. They showed us how workers in a factory get treated and their pay. We had a simulation where we used nuts and bolts to make some sort of thing but we could not lean on anything and if we dropped something we would get in trouble. I learned a lot from that and that I am really lucky. I think that it is unfair that they get treated like robots and that they only get 2500 Hong Kong dollars. I wish they had the choice to go on strike because they are suffering harsh conditions, and it seems really depressing and that is what causes people to commit suicide which no one should go through. I believe that factories need to give better salaries because the factory managers are cheap and greedy, as consumers we cannot by the product you can buy the products that say on the packaging fair trade. Most of the time factory workers work so much more harder then the managers so that is another reason why workers need to get paid more.


Weekly reflection Oct,2

Here is my weekly reflection, we did a lot of fun things and I will share some with you


Last week we went to the hive. My group and I were doing a sugar and water experiment, how much sugar can water take before it stops dissolving. When we got there, we got 75 ml of water and kept on adding 15 ml of sugar until it stops dissolving. We managed to put in about of 135 ml of sugar before it stopped dissolving. In the end we noticed that it was very thick like syrup. For are second experiment we decided to try to use hot water because it might dissolve quicker. We kept on adding sugar and it was so much easier to stir because it did not take that long. It took 165 ml of sugar before it got kind of hard to stir. In conclusion hot water is easier to dissolve sugar that cold water.


Last week we did VR and my group did and expedition to a recycling plant it was really cool because it was very realistic and it also raises awareness for us to do more recycling. The group leader was kind of like a tour guide because he used his Ipod to show us where to look and read like, where we are and what this machine does.


On Thursday we were going to do a science experiment so when we got to the 11th grade science lab because some of the 11th graders were leading the experiment. As we got inside we had to put on safety goggles even though the goggles were useless cause nothing blew up, anyway we got into groups and each group needed to choose an acid it was either coke, lemon juice or vinegar and my group chose vinegar, we also needed 150 ml of hot milk. We also got a cheese cloth, a strainer and food dye so first we mixed the vinegar and milk that we put in the food dye. Next we put the cheese cloth on top of the strainer and we poured in the dyed vinegar a lot of liquid came out but some of it was solid. I recommend this to do at home but you should have adult supervision.


In conclusion I had a fun week with the VR and the science experiment, I hope I can redo this again especially the VR and going to the hive.

Weekly reflection

So I was absent for 2 days last week I had a bad cold, and that’s why I was not here that much. Even though I missed somethings, I was still around to do a lot of fun things. For example on Tuesday we made bacon in the hive and we had to take notes for example what the bacon looked like before and after it had been cooked. I think I got a lot of work done maybe it is because I was sick. This week my goal is to have have all my homework turned in but it will be hard because there was a typhoon and sadly we have to get homework.


 Today we are planing goals for this week. I  decided that my goal for this week is maybe getting about 5 rally’s during P.E, we started the badminton unit when school first started I was never good at badminton but I feel that improved by a lot. At first I could only do 1 serve out of 10 but now I could 7 out of 10.

My other goal for this week is to be more organised, normally I am very messy but I have been trying to be more organised so this week I am going to clean my folder and my tray.

Weekly reflection

Weekly reflection

This week we worked on our projects about our passions and today we are presenting them to the whole class. I worked really hard on it, and I had to make 2 projects because the first one did not work out that well. That one was a poster but my second project, I thought worked out really well and that one is a slide show. I am kind of nervous for the presentation because I don’t know what my class will think.


This week we also did a lot of math like showing our thinking. I personally thought that showing your work is quite difficult because I am not used to these things.

This week in P.E I had a lot of fun because we played badminton. I started off being not that good but I think I improved a lot because I can rally at least 5 times now.


The photo above that is a picture of my math work. So basically our teacher told us to find out the answer of a border problem, to make it easier I highlighted the border than I multiplied 6 by 4 after that I subtracted the corners.