Happier in Ukelele

Discuss the following creative decisions you made for your song choice…

Be specific to earn your grade!

How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? *

My recording and the original song had some similarities. Even If my song sounded slightly different, I made sure that the lyrics were in the same tempo and had the same words. I also made sure that the length of the song was the same, both songs were 95 measures. I also added a piano for digital instruments because the original song had a piano as its chords, so I decided to include that in my recording as chords.


How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? *

Both songs are the same time signature in 4/4 but I wanted to change the tempo to make it faster. I also wanted to try something new with the chords since the original song sounded like as if it was in a major chord however the ukulele-tabs chords sounded more melodic. I decided to do a mix of both because in some parts of my recording, I made it sound more major because the original song is called happier. I also added some slower areas where the song would sound less joyful in order to match the ukulele tabs version. For digital instruments, I wanted to experiment between many instruments. I included violins, guitars, saxophones and drums, none of which were included in the original song. I recorded some ukulele as the main chords because it gave the recording some powerful beats. I added some violins as echoing effects from the ukulele. I also added some guitars and piano because my original ukulele recording was very punchy, but when added these two instrument, it made the ukulele sound less punchy.


Discuss the following skills in relation to your Ukulele song choice…

Be specific to earn your grade!


Ukulele Skills… *
Some Ukulele Skills that I have learnt over the past 3 weeks of school were strumming patters, being more on time and new chords. Mr O’Toole helped me out to find the strum pattern that will not only match the song but also make the chords sound better. Before, I would only strum downwards but after these 3 weeks, now I strum up and down. I also was more on time when recording so that I would not have to edit as much as the amazing grace recording. Since this song was really repetitive in the beginning chords, I decided to just repeat the first 8 bars of chords until measure 50. This will ensure that my song would not be too boring but also has a sense of repetition. By recording the first 8 measures, I would not have to the extra work of recording over and over again for the same thing. The final ukulele skill that I have achieved was learning new chords. There were only three unique chords in the Amazing Grace recording, but in the Happier recording, there were 5 unique chords. I especially found the Bb to Gm transition was difficult because both chords required a lot of fingering.


Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use… *

I found using digital instruments fun because it was a new experience to me. I really enjoyed trying out instruments to see if it were to fit well in my song. For example, my original saxophone recording was too high but when I changed the octave to one lower, I found that it fitted well with the other instruments. I also used garageband editing to fix some tempo issues and I also used it for copying and pasting the first 8 measures of the song. I found that editing was a perfect tool for me because I am very careless when recording but when I edit, it helps me keep everything on tempo. For drums, I used SoCal (Kyle) because it matched my song perfectly. For example, when the recording started to have slower beats, the drums were in the perfect time. I especially liked the ending when the second final measure had a good drum wrap up.


Time management for your project… *

Even if I completed the recording, I still think that my time management for this project was not that great. I think that I was spending way too much time on trying to get the exact chords for ukulele that I wanted therefore causing me to have not enough time to fix my singing. However, I still had enough time to perfect my chords for digital instruments and drumming.


Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) *

For independent learning, I originally selected this song because I enjoyed this song but when I saw that most of the chords in this song was new to me, I still picked it because I thought I would be a great learning experience and it was. Sometimes, I would have certain questions for this song, so I would ask my friend Jayden the questions because he is like a music expert. One of the questions was how many measures was this song. Finding that out was really helpful because it helped me get more in tempo. I also would ask close friends, Mr O’Toole and relatives to comment on the song. I found that listening to different peoples ideas was very helpful to correct mistakes in the song.

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