Data & Probability Reflection

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Persuasive Writing/Speeches that Impacted me

This is my notes from watching speeches and reading a piece of persuasive writing. I learnt more about women’s rights. This quote from Emma Watson inspired me “Ask yourself: If not me, Who? If not now, When?”

A piece of work that impacted me

For my home learning, I asked my Mum and Dad what graphs they use at work. I now have a better understanding of these graphs and what kind of data is good for each graph.

Guest Speaker, Jordan

On Monday, We listened to Jordan who donated to charities in Syria but wanted to see for himself what it was like. He met this person who was from Syria and said he would take Jordan to Syria. So when Jordan was only 18, he travelled to Syria with his friend. Jordan has made a lot of trips to Syria asking Syrian refugees what they need the most and most of the refugees said they needed to share their stories.

In the future, I will use this knowledge to share the stories of Syrian refugees Jordan told us about to others.

From now on, I will feel more fortunate.



COLOUR: The 3 days of the Young Americans being here was really exciting and fun

SYMBOL: This experience really pushed me out of my comfort zone and taught me to persevere

IMAGE: On the last day, we got to stay at school and eat pizza with our friends

Dance- Physical Theatre

This is my physical theatre dance rubric

CAMP | Outward Bound | November 27-30, 2018

DAY 1- November 27th

When we first got to Outward Bound, we went to the ropes course and played 2 games. One of them, we got given roughly 10 mats and pretended the floor was lava. We had to use the mats to get to the black platform without touching the floor. If the mat had no one touching it for more than 5 seconds, the instructors would take it away and we would lose it. Also, if somebody touched the lava, we would all have to go back and start again. It took us 30 minutes until everybody got onto the platform.



Weekly Reflection XI

Migrant workers who are poor, work in factories in China and are risking injuries to make goods or the putting together parts of the beginning of a good. These people do the same thing over and over again 12 hours every day. They are treated really badly. Factory companies don’t need people who have a good education. The amount of money everybody has in China is not balanced, some people are very poor and very rich. This also relates to in-equality because if parents were registered as farmers, their children would be registered as farmers as well. It would be very hard to change your residency, people with the residency would not have the same rights as to people from the city.

Weekly Reflection X

I really liked the way Mr Brodie gave us a pre-test to see if we knew everything so that we would be prepared to do the test on Thursday. I wish I had organised my time more wisely. I still need to work on my Chinese SA presentation. This helped me understand I need to take Chinese very seriously. I am most proud of that I finished my home learning on time this week. It will be easy to remember the 9-11 story because I find it really interesting that Osama Bin Laden got away with it for 10 years. The tricky part was finishing all my homework.  Next time I need to plan out my time

Pluses Minuses Ideas

+  What were the Positive things about my learning? What went well?

I was really worried that I wouldn’t have enough time to finish my indigenous art but I finished it on time.


–   What were the ‘minuses’ or negative things about my learning? What would I like to improve or change?

I had robotics this week and it was really hard. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with my code. I completely forgot that I had a writing assessment and didn’t prepare.


I   What ideas does this give me for the future? What will I do next time?

Next time I could ask an expert or Ms Fung for help. Take note of when my Chinese assessments are.

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