Who We Are


⭐️ I am really happy with the research I did and found really good resources

⭐️ I had a chance to share my information with my table

🎯 I hope that we have more Exhibition focus weeks

Exhibition- Learning Cohorts

I’m not sure how the first Learning Cohort Group made me feel, it didn’t seem that useful to me. Our first meeting was alright, but I think we were struggling to get our essential agreements done though. I feel I still don’t know everybody’s exhibition purpose.


This is my sister and Mom interviewing me about how exhibition research is going

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Shared in Drive



Dance- Physical Theatre

This is my physical theatre dance rubric


Weekly Reflection #2

This week, we went to the library and read the Backpack story. It is about the history of backpacks.

We also went to PE and Mr Steiner Badminton rackets and birdies to practice. After, we learned how to take down the nets. Mr Brodie read a book called Shi-Shi-Etko. She is a girl living in Canada and loves nature. She is spending as much time as she can with her family, because the government wants children to go to boarding so that they learn to be “Canadian”. Her grandmother tell her to make a memory bag before she goes to not forget where she comes from. She puts things in her bag from nature, her grandma says “where ever you go, what ever you do, never forget who you are”. We made a memory bag like Shi-Shi-Etko.

In Performing Arts, We learned some of the basics of playing the ukulele like how to hold the instrument correctly, the parts of the ukulele and some of the notes.

Mr Brodie let us plan our own afternoon. We brainstormed the central idea. In Visual arts, we were given a popsicle stick to make letters, it was really fun.

Today, we brainstormed what the unit elements were.

2018- First week back!

This week was the first day back from winter break, we started our new unit called Who We Are. The central idea is “throughout life people experience change for different reasons.” We did a lot of inquiring and learning about our body. We also learnt about topic sentences and how to find the topic and controlling ideas in sentences, paragraphs or articles.

I hope you had a great christmas and new year with your friends and family!




My Multiple Intelligences

Hi! This is my multiple intelligence quiz results that I think you would like to try out, you could use your intelligence strengths to learn. For example you could be good at visual spatial but not very good at logical mathematical, so you could do visual note taking on math instead of writing in notebooks. I hope you like the multiple intelligence quiz.

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 12.15.33 PM



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