Sharing the Planet

Poverty in Hong Kong

I feel like I used a lot of emphasis on my speech. Next time, I think I should refer less to my script.

Link to my persuasive speech

Link to slides presentation

Data & Probability Reflection

Link to My Data and Probability Reflection

Guest Speaker, Jordan

On Monday, We listened to Jordan who donated to charities in Syria but wanted to see for himself what it was like. He met this person who was from Syria and said he would take Jordan to Syria. So when Jordan was only 18, he travelled to Syria with his friend. Jordan has made a lot of trips to Syria asking Syrian refugees what they need the most and most of the refugees said they needed to share their stories.

In the future, I will use this knowledge to share the stories of Syrian refugees Jordan told us about to others.

From now on, I will feel more fortunate.


Pok Fu Lam Village Field Trip

Hi, Yesterday we went to Pok Fu lam Village to learn about how people live in a small community. We saw market stalls, Restaurants, The dairy farm staff quarters (which is covered in green netting), Wall graffiti, Cartoon exit signage, cultivated crops, metal boxes and the house numbering method. If you ever go there keep a look out for The Dragon’s museum (on the roadside), The Bo gong Shrine, the hay silo, Li (ling) Pagoda and the silver dragon head spouting water (at the top of the village). I think that it is really cool that they have their own little village there. The government wants to knock it down but it is the last village

My Goal Reflection from Camp

Last week,

I made goals for camp, I wanted to cooperate with my group and be a risk taker. I was really proud of my group because they were always really exited about trying new things. I enjoyed learning how to surf, making our own raft with bamboo and inflatable donuts, doing the relay race, having fun sleeping with my friends and setting up our tent. Next time, I would be more organised while putting my stuff in the tent because when we were packing our bags it was really hard to find stuff. It was really hard to sleep in the tent because I wasn’t use to sleeping on the ground. I am really grateful for being able to go camping with my friends.

IMG_9657 2IMG_9799IMG_9783 2

Our Volume Lesson

Me and my friend made our own volume lesson for people who don’t know what volume is.

Here is a screen shot of the volume lesson we worked on:

Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 10.02.04 AM

Goal Setting

On Monday,  I came up with 3 goals for the whole week. My 1st goal was a learning goal: I wanted to focus on listening to my teacher instead of playing with paper, my second goal was a personal goal: I wanted to practice my piano homework more often and my last goal was a relationship goal: I wanted to play with my little sister a bit more.


Today, I made this mind map about symboisis using brain pop for home learning.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 6.07.02 pm

Plastic Free Seas!

Today, We went to a plastic free seas workshop in the upper school science lab. I learned a lot of companies use micro beads (little bits of plastic) in their soaps. They use it instead of natural ingredients because it is more expensive than plastic. Plastic is similar to natural ingredients because it rubs your skin to get the dirt of your face. My group and I chose a product, poured some of it into a bag and put it under the tap while squeezing the soap out. Then we used a blow dryer  to dry it and poured all of the micro beads inside a container. We used a machine that was connected to an i pad so we could see it bigger.

Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 2.15.17 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-14 at 2.14.38 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-14 at 2.15.56 PM

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