My Instrument Info for Grade 7

How to make a sound on the saxophone



The parts of the saxophone


How to clean the saxophone


How to hold the saxophone


Unité 1- Parlez-vous français-critères C et D à l’oral

Task: Create a role play to include all of the information I have learned since the beginning of the year.


Challenges: Challenges that me and my partner faced were pronunciation and time management. This was because I was away on the day we were to record the dialogue, this meant we had to record in our own time. I felt we struggled with pronunciation towards the end of our recording.


Results: I am happy with my results, because I feel me and my partner did our best and that it was our first french assessment.


Goal for next assessment: Next time, I want to practice more so that I can improve my pronunciation.


My Design Logo

What changes would you make?

What do you think about my logo?

What do you like?

What do you not like?

Chinese Culture Center Beam Design 弘汉轩横梁设计


Hello! This is my beam design. We had our grade 6 celebration yesterday, I was really proud of myself because my beam design was one of the finalists. My beam design has yin and yang fish, lucky clouds and water. Yin and yang have the colours black and white, it represents balance. Fish means prosperity. The water is blue. I drew water because it is one of the five Chinese elements.


Exhibition is over!

I could never imagine myself actually getting through PYP exhibition. It has been a really tough, long journey. I have learnt a lot- not just about graphic design, but also about myself.

I feel I showed a lot of grit and perseverance during my learning and process. I learned that I can’t do it all and it doesn’t need to be perfect all the time. Sometimes, you need to have something than nothing at all. I am really proud of what I have accomplished during this learning process though.

During the Exhibition, Sometimes I got asked some confusing or hard questions but I managed to be able to answer confidently.

22. Weekly Reflection

Weekly Reflection # 21

This is my reflection for the week:


My week was really jumbled up and busy, and I had no specific feelings.



I felt really accomplished that I didn’t leave all my homework to the last day.



I drew a battery because We started a new unit this week and it is about energy and systems. The central idea is: Systems that require energy are created to respond to human needs.


⭐️ I am really happy with the research I did and found really good resources

⭐️ I had a chance to share my information with my table

🎯 I hope that we have more Exhibition focus weeks

Exhibition- Learning Cohorts

I’m not sure how the first Learning Cohort Group made me feel, it didn’t seem that useful to me. Our first meeting was alright, but I think we were struggling to get our essential agreements done though. I feel I still don’t know everybody’s exhibition purpose.

Poverty in Hong Kong

I feel like I used a lot of emphasis on my speech. Next time, I think I should refer less to my script.

Link to my persuasive speech

Link to slides presentation

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