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if you could take the time to comment and answer the questions down below that would be greatly appreciated

what do you think about my logo?

what do you think it represents?

how does it make you feel?

what do you like about it?

what do you not like about it?

how would you improve it?

does my logo display the five logo design principles(simple, versatile, memorable, timeless, appropriate)


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  1. Firstly, I believe that your logo is a very creative boi. It shows how you are, and how you feel.
    I believe that it represents the meaning of your like, also known as music.
    It makes me feel very calm as I also really like music.
    I like the fact that it is very creative, and that it looks like you put a lot of effort into it. One of the things that I don’t really like about the logo is the notes, as it is very clear that it is drawn.
    I don’t really know how I would improve it.
    It is simple and memorable, but it isn’t very timeless or versitle

  2. It is really nice in terms of detail and effort, but it doesn’t represent you that much, I also like the way you used the title to create a wave. Looks really good overall

  3. I like the way you wrote sound waves in a curve way because it looks cool.
    It represents that you like music.
    It makes me feel that you really love music.
    I think you should put a color so it’s more beautiful.
    It is simple, but I’m not sure if it’s timeless or versatile.

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