My Instrument choice!

dear readers,

Today I will explain why I chose trumpet for an instrument in music class, I chose trumpet since I was really interested in it. This is because my brother used to play it and I would always help with it. I found an interest in it since it was small and an instrument you can make big sounds with. I found that the trumpet has great versatility in the many ways of playing it. Another reason why I chose it since it was small and pretty light. Continuing on you don’t need much to play it and learn. Here are some videos on the trumpet:  this is the first notes that you can learn when playing the trumpet.

this is the video on how to assemble and disassemble the trumpet

Logo Design

Hi readers, During this unit, we had to make logos based on us and my logo was an “A” for my name. I chose this logo based on my personality. Over the unit, we all learned C.A.R.P and that was a way of learning how to create and analyze a logo. This taught us how to really make an effective and eye-catching logo. Overall this is my last design and I am really proud of the way that this logo describes me and Please, can you help to comment on my logo so I can see your perspective?

1 “What do you think about my logo…
2 “In what ways does my logo…”
3 “What changes would I make…”

This will help a lot, thanks!




What are we doing after exhibition?

Dear readers,

Its been a long time since I wrote but what happened the past few weeks were terrifying. So what happened was “exhibition” and what we did for the exhibition was hard but what I did was “Exploring Homelessness and Food poverty in HK and raising awareness to the CDNIS community” This was my issue and this issue is really important to me because I always researched into this issue but never had the time to pursue it because of school. I really wanted to do more on this issue but never could volenteer. During exhibition, we did a lot of rough things and I will show them to you.


Thought of the idea

got the approval

started getting peer feedback on the idea

clear our idea

do research

start making our lines of inquiry

start to do volenteer work

reflect on that volunteer work

do weekly exhibition reflections


peer feedback at this stage of exhibitions

interviews and more

do more research on it

expert presentation

more checklists

start thinking about your action

plan your action

email the people for your action

do your action

the blob tree how did you grow

stage plan

presentation notes


set up

present 1st day

present 2ed day

do another piece of the action

“show the steps in the book”


Now it is the week after the exhibition and we are all sooooo tired from the exhibition and we thought it would be an easy week after a year’s work and yes the exhibition took a year. NOW we are finally finished and we are doing a lot of things differently. This week we are doing everything related to art and we are doing…

Appreciating & Analysing Artwork/Appreciating & Analysing poems

I really like both of this activity because they both involve art and using creativity. What I did for Appreciating & Analysing Artwork is something that I saw at the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao. I saw that this artist use things that he saw to create art so I used that as my artwork I was going to analyze. I really thought that this activity was fun because I got to chose any art form that I thought of or wanted to do.

here’s the paper link to the sheet.

for the poem version, I looked at a book that was called “it begins with me” and it had a book filled with really nice poems and I chose a one about war because it explained to me why war what there and who/what/how it affected everyone and everything. I really thought that this was new and exciting for me because I really wanted to learn how to analyze poems so that was challenging and exciting for me.

here’s the  (Appreciating & Analysing poem)  link.


How exhibition is going

dear readers,

this is what I think of this weeks exhibition…

I thought that this week of the exhibition was really helpful because I answered the 2 exhibition questions and gained so much more knowledge on the topic answering my 2 questions. I thought that answering these questions helped me and I think that doing the field trip to impact HK is going to really help with inquiring what I am going to do further. I think that I am a bit worried because I still have to answer 5 questions and that is making me a bit worried on behalf on how soon exhibition is and hopefully by next week I will be able to finish most of my questions and try to begin to make posters and go further on awaring the CDNIS community. I am inspired to do more every single day and try to work my hardest and do better and do stuff quicker in my exhibition journey. Today we also are planning the bake sale and we are preparing and doing a good job working together

speech/ i movie reflection

speech/ imovie reflection
dear readers:

This is the speech that I made and I really enjoyed this process because I got to make a speech that I was really passionate about and that is girls education. I   relate it to my exhibition because I wanted to do something else to inquirer into. I think that I used my really cool persuasive writing skills to talk and hopefully persuade them to take action. I really liked this activity because I got to do something that I was really passionate about and something that I could really express myself about. I really felt good when I did it and I am so proud of myself for doing something I am passionate about and knowing it is for a good cause.


Heres my speech:  


Malala once said:” I speak not for myself, but so those without a voice can be heard. Those who have fought for their rights. Their right to live in peace. Their right to be treated with dignity. Their right to equality of opportunity. Their right to be educated.” As an activist, she is using her experience and voice. to encourage the education of millions of girls. Like her, I believe in the importance of education for girls. I represent girls education. Education is the key to success, but globally 65 million girls are not in school and this has a major impact on their lives. Have you ever thought if you had to work and had no opportunity to go to school how would you feel?  


70 million kids are not in school and more than half are girls. I believe that both boys and girls should have an education but education cannot be dominated by boys, because of unfair equality of them. Girls deserve more!!! Not only this is a huge problem, think about not getting a right to learn? My point is Where would you go in life if you didn’t have an education? In fact, that’s the same for millions of girls. Equally important, if they have a chance to learn they will have more knowledge and be able to follow their dreams. Education not only affects them as a child it will affect them in the future. This has a big role in a humans life to be doing other things that are not education will not help them in with finances, health and more, But with education, Thell Be successful, Be different, Be strong. NO, we need to change, we need to stand up, we need to help these girls.


In conclusion, girls need to have an education and what can us CDNIS students do to help this issue. I speak for your donation might get a girl in school, Think that might not be a big impact to you but for that girl, it would change her life. You might think I’m just a CDNIS student standing up here, but I believe that anyone and everyone can make an impact, you just need to believe in yourself to take action. To make a change.