Design Criterion C: Logo Design

For design, we were making our own logos using illustrator. I made mine an ice skater, because I think ice skating represents me. I added my random signature because I could xD.

Please comment on my logo answering these questions!

  1. Do you think my logo represents me well?
  2. What was good about my logo?
  3. What could I improve?

Thank you!!! :):):)

6 thoughts on “Design Criterion C: Logo Design

  1. You logo is really good i like how you did a girl ice skating, and how the ice skate is signing your name. the only thing that I would change i maybe you could move the signature placement a little, like laurel said.

  2. I really like the logo and see that it represents you with the font of your name and the design(illustration) as well. I like the silhouette and how the logo is black and white and think that gives it a really cool effect. I agree with isabella that adding ore strands of hair might look better and the signature at the bottom is a little out of place and you could have just used the name or just the signature.

  3. I really like your logo! I can see that it showcases your hobbies as an ice skater and artist (the whole logo plus the ‘Anna’). I feel like you have drawn out the ice skater very well and I also like the way her foot that’s in the air is writing your name. The signature at the bottom makes the logo look a little ‘messy’ so I think it would look more subtle without it (you could make it a smaller font if you really want to incorporate it into your logo).

  4. I think that the skater’s skates are really detailed in a way and I can tell what she is doing, which is good. But I agree with Laurel and I think that your signature could be moved somewhere. Maybe make it smaller and put it along the perimeter of the girl?

  5. I like the silhouette aspect of the logo, and I think it represents you really well!!! One thing you could improve on would be drawing more strands of hair. Great logo!!!!!

  6. I think your logo represents you well because you are an artist and you do ice skating.
    I really liked the font and the drawing.
    I don’t really like the signature placement maybe if you moved it to the bottom right corner it would look better.

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