Discuss the following creative decisions you made for your song choice…

Be specific to earn your grade!


How is your recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this? *
My recording is in some ways the same as the original song. I have the same lyrics as the original “Stay With Me” and my chords are too. This was important because if I change the song too much than someone won’t be able to recognise which song it is. I kept the “tone” of the song the same too. This is important because the song is quite serious and sad and if I sounded happy and cheerful it would give the wrong/ different message. Lastly, I kept the keys on the piano the same as the keys on the ukulele. This made the ukulele and the piano sound smooth and compatible together. If I made the keys on the piano and the ukulele different from each other it would sound out of place and slightly random in some ways.


How is your recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions? *
I change a few things to make the song pair with the ukulele better and make everything sound smoother. The drums I made simple and quiet to keep with the sad/ serious theme. The reason I did this is because If I made the drums very loud and complex it would Make it hard to hear the ukulele over the loud drumming, this would also slightly startle the listener because it is a sad and slow song but if I added complex and loud drums to my recording the listener would probably be confused. My recording is also shorter the original song, this is for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the end of the song I chose is quite hard to do and sing in some cases. Secondly, the notes were not given on the ukulele notes platform that I was using. Finally, I feel that if I did do the last part of the song it would drag the recording on a little bit and the listener would feel bored or uninterested.


Discuss the following skills in relation to your Ukulele song choice…

Be specific to earn your grade!


Ukulele Skills… *
During the time we were given I learnt quite a lot. I learnt the command to cut and line of recordings and I learnt the command for delete the chosen line of recordings. I learnt how to chuck the ukulele, this is very useful but I didn’t use it in my song for a few reasons. I didn’t think that chucking the ukulele was a good fit for my song, it didn’t blend in very well with the theme and tempo of the song. I also didn’t use chucking because I am not very good at it, I felt that if I used it I would make the song sound messy and sloppy. The last thing I learnt was the tuning feature on Garageband. This was very useful for my ukulele recording stage because If I felt that it was out of tune I could open the feature and see if it was. If It was then I could go and ask Mr.Otoole to tune it for me.


Garageband editing – digital instrument, drum use… *
A big part of this task was the software instruments. I learnt how to use the piano and drums on Garageband. The piano was one of the software features that I used. This was useful because I could easily get the notes (F, C and A minor) on the piano. Then I could easily record me playing those notes and copy past them where I need them. The piano was very useful in helping my music sound more like the original “Stay With Me By Stan Smith”. Software Drums were also useful in other ways. They helped keep everything to sound nice and equal. I made the drums simple and quiet because it didn’t drown out the other tracks by being too loud. This could have been a problem because If I made the drums too loud then It would be very hard to hear the ukulele, singing and the piano.


Time management for your project… *
I felt that I had decent time management doing this project. From the start I knew exactly what song I was going to pick/choose. The reason for this is because I know that I can play this song. I have done this song before in earlier years and I felt that I was comfortable with the song that I chose. I also chose this song because I knew all of the notes off the top of my head. I was comfortable with the notes C, F and A minor because they are easy to remember and simple to change fingers when playing. I also felt I had good time management because I finished and handed in my song 4 days before it was due. This was good because I could listen to it and see if there was anything that sounded wrong. If their was a problem that I had to fix then I would un-submit the song and tweak whatever needed to be fixed and then re-submit it. I could do this because I handed it in early and had a few days before the deadline.
Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time) *
I think that I had a good sence of responsibility when it comes to getting my work done on time. This can be shown through how I created my blog post and handed in my music 4 days before the deadline. I also memorised the lyrics of “Stay with Me” because this it would be a lot easier to record. The reason for this is because I felt that it would be a lot harder if I had to go onto the lyrics page memorise the beats at the same time. I also think that I was responsible for doing this project on time because I felt that in class I worked really hard so that I wouldn’t have much home work. This shows that I have a good sence of responsibilty when it comes to home work and getting things done on time.