Ukulele Your Choice – Finished Song – I don’t know my name

Since my song refused to go onto this blog post I have the recording on my drive. Here is the link.

Here is also a link to my photo as well.

Here are the questions and answers to my google form.

Question: How is you’r recording the same as the original song? Why did you do this?

Answer: My recording is the same as my original song, because is has the same strumming pattern. It has the strumming patter which goes down, down, up, up, down, up. I chose to do it this way, because if I had done a different strumming patten, It would change the beat of the song and I would have to sing differently, therefor I thought to try and make it sound as similar as possible so it wouldn’t have sounded like another song.

Question: How is you’r recording different compared to the original song? What were your reasons behind your decisions?

Answer: My recording is different from my original song, because as the song goes on, the speed of her singing increases. Although I didn’t do that, because I just wanted my speed of my whole song to be at the same paste. I chose to do this because I felt as if I increased the speed, then my singing would also have to get faster and faster, and that’s something thats hard for my voice to control.

Question: Ukulele Skills (if you did this yourself)

Answer: I gained independence and time management. I gained independence because I did this entire project by myself. This helped me learn how to use GarageBand and learning about the notes. I gained a lot of time management, because I had to make sure that I had a limit to how much work I had to do per day. Therefor, I would have had to work up to a specific point in my song, which would help me so I wouldn’t get behind on the work. These skills would help me later on in the future because I’ve learned that I can do this, and that If I buckle down and work, then I will be able to do it. These were the skills that I have gained during this time.

Question: Garage-band editing – digital instrument, drum use…

Answer: I used the drum during some parts of the song, although when some of the tension fell, where it was only the chords, then I would get rid of the drums so then it wouldn’t have that same beat. Since the beat continue’s during the song and it repeats, I could just copy and paste the chords to the next part of the song. I also had to cut out the drums in different parts of the song, where the music goes “I am lost, trying to get found, in an ocean of, people, please don’t ask me any questions there wont be a valid answer” Is when I had to cut out the drums because I was doing my best to attempt to make sound like the original song as possible.

Question: Time management for your project…

Answer: Time management was a key that really helped me during this project, because unlike my last song, “Donkey Riding” I didn’t know how to use GarageBand, therefor I just did the whole project last minute. Although I wanted to change, as in working on the project and staying on time with it, meaning not doing it all last minute. Time management helped me to remember specific things that I was required to do in order to not fall behind. For example: I had to finish the chords on a specific day so I wouldn’t fall behind. Same with the piano, bass and the singing. This is why time management was key during this project.

Question: Independent learning… (responsibility of getting things done on time)

Answer: Independence was one of my key factors that helped me a lot during this project because last project, I had to do the whole thing with my dad, because I didn’t know how to use GarageBand. Unlike this project, I did it all independently. I got my tasks done on time and I was focused and participated along with asking questions when I needed help, which shows a lot of Independence and responsibility that I have committed during this project.

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