Parlez – vous fran├žais – criteria C et D and l’oral

Our french recording:


-time management


Me and Morning had a hard time finding a time when and where we could meet to record our video. We recorded it in the 7th floor near the busses, which made background noises which caused distractions. This might’ve been one of the things that brought down our grade.

Another challenge was our pronunciation. When we read the french words, we read it like how you would pronounce it in english. It was a problem because there were some words that we didn’t know how to pronounce properly and we didn’t ask about them.

A thing I learned about myself is that I don’t ask questions very often (and I should), and I prefer working with a partner for french (just french)


Considering that before french I didn’t know any french words (except baguette :>), I am pretty happy with both of the grades I got. A thing we could’ve done better was work on our pronunciation (being more accurate)

My goal for the next assessment

-Find a quiet place to record (if it requires speaking)
-Ask about pronunciation before recording/practicing

-When i’m ready to start recording, start recording and don’t wait.

How I can achieve my goals

Next time, we should not rush and find a quiet place to record before recording. We were rushing to record because we did it right before class. We underestimated the time we had. We should also ask about pronunciations in class before we record or start practicing.

We had very tiny problems with time management. We just couldn’t find time for us to record. Next time, we should start recording when we’re ready.