Camp (Grade 5)

Camp (Grade 5)

On October 12th, we had camp. We did lots of activities like raft building, a survival, kayaking and much more. For this year of camp, I chose to write about the raft building. We had to make a raft that was stable and could float. Our group leaders also jumped in the water and we had to tap their head to save them.

Out of 10, I think that I knew 7/10 of how to build a stable raft. I chose 7 because last year we had to build a raft that was stable and wouldn’t break apart. Our’s was stable but there was one tire that almost fell apart. I didn’t add in 3 to make 10 because I forgot how to tie some of the knots. I also didn’t really know how to tie a tire and a metal pole together.

I felt good about it, and I thought it was gonna float. The thing I liked was jumping off the pier. After we did raft building and we saved our group leaders, they let us jump off the pier. The water was salt water so I didn’t like it when I landed.

The thing I disliked while we were trying to save our group leaders was when the raft almost tipped over. There was one tire that was about to break but it didn’t. I was on that one and the whole raft almost tipped over.  

I enjoyed testing it to see whether the raft was stable. We had to test it because they threw it off the pier into the water. We also tested it to see if there was any loose parts. There was a few and we tried to fix them but we ran out of time.

I think our raft was similar to everyone else’s raft. We tried to make it different at the end but then we didn’t have enough time. While our group was walking to go kayaking, I saw that they had the same raft. Everyone did a square with 4 tires in it.

The thing I would improve is how tight the knots were. At the end, our raft was the easiest to take apart. Also when it was my turn to go in the water, the tire I was sitting on nearly un-tied to the metal poles and the other tires almost fell apart too.

I enjoyed this and I hope that next year we’re gonna have another activity like this.



On May 12th, every class in grade 4 went to the library pit to learn about disasters. There was a police officer there named Mr. Graeme. He taught us many things about different disasters. Mainly natural disasters.

The things we learned about there was a landslide, typhoon and fires. The first thing we learned about was the typhoon. When there was a typhoon 7 or 8, they would put up the flag to the highest. If it was lower, the flag would go lower. The flag is to warn the people that are shipping stuff that people order that there is a typhoon coming.

Next, we learned about fires. We did not just learn about people setting stuff on fire or overcooking, we also learned about forest fires. There was one near my house and when I went outside I saw lots of smoke. People can also start forest fires by camping. If the fire is too hot, later it will cause the trees beside the fire pit to burn.

Lastly, we learned about Landslides. Landslides are when there are huge rocks falling from mountains. The rocks are really heavy, they can knock down buildings very easily. They can knock down half of an apartment!

I learned a lot about disasters and I am hoping to see another one of these presentations. 🙂

Learning Reflection: Make, Create, Collaborate

Learning Reflection: Make, Create, Collaborate

On May 11th, we went to the 10th floor LLAC lobby. We went to the LLAC lobby to do stations. It’s when there are many different topics for each station. For example: Singing, Knitting and more. If you liked singing you could go there if you were interested in knitting you could go to the knitting centre.

There were many different stations that we could go to. The ones that I remember is the singing, 3D doodling, knitting, music, greenscreen, plastics and I forgot the rest. Plastics is the one where you use the bottled water’s caps to make something pretty. I was helping on one that said “Joy” The singing station was the most popular one.

I think we did this because our teacher thought it would be fun for us. I also think that we did this because maybe our teacher thought that we could learn to do something new.I chose to write about this because I thought that it was the most interesting. From this, I learned how to edit, what a 3D doodling pen is, and what you can do with using just the plastic bottle caps.

I thought that it was a very interesting and I am wondering if we can do another one of these stations.

Learning Buddies Spotlight Reflection

Learning Buddies Spotlight Reflection

On May 9th, there was a spotlight. There were 3 classes in the same grade performing the spotlight. The classes that participated were 1B, 1D and 1E. Our buddies were in the class 1E.

The things they all did good on was talking. The microphone wasn’t working so then they had to shout. Sometimes when people shout in a spotlight or assembly, it’s not that loud. I think it’s mostly because they are shy. In this spotlight the people who needed to talk knew when to talk, and I think they did a good job.

The attitudes my buddy displayed changed throughout the spotlight. At the start she was confident because she wasn’t afraid to do anything. In the middle when they were dancing, she wasn’t very confident because she would always run to the back so nobody could see her. I also lost her so I couldn’t keep track of where she ran.

The attitude all the classes displayed was open minded because when they were dancing they needed a new partner and they did not care whether it was a girl or a boy. I think they also showed Enthusiasm because they I saw that they had a lot of fun and they were always smiling.

The spotlight was good. It’s just that there are some things that they needed to work on is maybe  on their transition because they did not listen very carefully on the teacher’s sign whether to go to the spot they need to go next so they got left behind a little bit. Other than that, they did a really good job.

The Different elements of Performing Arts and Visual Arts is that they needed to create a script. They also needed to plan what a head of the big guy looks like. They also needed to know how to do all those dance moves. They also needed to memorise the script and know when they were going to talk without other people reminding them.
I enjoyed watching their spotlight and I hope to see another one soon.

Robotics: Scratch

Robotics: Scratch

On May 2, we had to code a little cat called Scratch, we had a challenge and we needed to make a tessellation. A tessellation is when you draw the same things over and over and over again until it fills up the paper. There has to be no gaps. You could pick any shape to tessellate. I chose to do a tessellation of a triangle.

This was my first time coding. I do not know how many times I could successfully tessellate the triangle. There is probably about more than 30. Scratch sometimes drew what I expected. Sometimes I was puzzled about why Scratch suddenly overlapped the triangles. I finally figured it out because there was a limited amount of space. When it gets to the edge/corner, it turns back and it overlaps,

The most challenging part in this task was the coding. Sometimes I did not understand what most of the codes meant. When I tried it, I followed the code really closely so that I know what it does and I know what Scratch is doing.

I have learned a lot this lesson because this is just my first time doing scratch. I have learned what all of the movements meant. Some of them are: Pen up, Pen down, and pick random. Pen up means Scratch puts his pen up. Pen down is the opposite and instead Scratch puts his pen down. Pick random () () Means where it’s gonna go like the direction. So you have to give the coordinates to Scratch so he knows where to start and go.

I enjoyed exploring this new coding programme and am looking forward to the next challenge.

Visual Arts

Visual Arts

On April 20th, we had visual arts. Last time in visual arts. This time we did not continue doing our packages. We have all finished that and now we are learning about different famous artists.

We learned about 3 different people (I forgot what their name is). We also had to draw a famous artist’s picture or something that they have painted or drew. This week, we have been learning about Henri Matisse. He was a person that used to colour very bright paintings. Then he caught a disease so he had to sit in a wheelchair. Then he thought of making a new type of art: Cut out art I think it was called. Then we had to create one of our own cut out painting/art.

We did this by not drawing and colouring, instead we needed to cut out random things and glue it to a piece of paper. Or the things that we were cutting out doesn’t need to be random. You can have themes like rainforest or nature or random. I did random because I couldn’t think of anything else.
I think we learned about it because we should know what different types of arts they created and who invented types of art. I learned a new type of art. I enjoyed cutting little small pieces out :).

Robotics Dance Challenge

Robotics Dance Challenge

On March, we started doing a robotics dance challenge. The way we do the robotics dance challenge is by getting 2 robots to dance. They both have to be synchronised. Our class was the first class to get the robots.

We have already finished doing the plan. Our dance looks a little bit too complicated. We have only done the start and we don’t have much time left. I thought my robot was a bit broken because at the start my partner’s robot was working when mine was not. Then mine was working and my partner’s was not.

For all of the sessions we’ve had robotics, I have been trying to fix my robot but it wasn’t working so I just changed it a little bit and it started working.

I think we did it because the teachers would think that it was fun. From doing the robotics dance challenge, I learned how to make the robot turn 360° .

Treasure Island (Camp)

Treasure Island (Camp)

On Wednesday, Grade 4 went to treasure island for camp. We stayed there for 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). I was put into group 2, and we did many different activities.

The thing I enjoyed the most was the rope course. The rope course is where you have to blindfold yourself and hold onto the rope and try to get your whole team to the finish line. There was trees in the way so it made it more interesting. I like that the most because it is like dialogue in the dark. I also enjoyed it because you don’t know where you are going and it is a bit like a mystery.

I experienced many things for the first time but I liked surfing. I have never done surfing before and I thought that it was very fun.

I will remember making smores the most because I like eating food. It is also my first time making smores!

The thing I found most challenging was the raft building. I think it was the most challenging because you have a short amount of time to plan and build. We only had a certain amount of materials. Everyone had 4 bamboo sticks, 4 short ropes and 2 long ropes, and 4 tires. Our raft broke when we went to ride it, so instead of riding it we pushed it. At the end you have to pile it up to match what it looked like when we first got there.
From camp, I learned how to set up my own tent. I also learned how to take care of myself when I am away from my family. I enjoyed being at camp.

Sports Day

Sports Day

On February 28th, we had sports day. Sports day is the day when we go out of school and we play games that have to do with sports. Not all of them but most of them did. Grade 4 and 3 were going together so we had to be separated into groups. I was put in group 1.

First, we all had to run around the whole field. The first 4 people that finished would get to compete in the relay race during lunch. I just walked almost the whole way there because I would use up all my energy and won’t have enough for the rest of the games.

Later, I saw that there were a lot of games. We played all of them, there was Parachute, Capture the Flag, Walkers, Long Jump and more. I did not like the Long Jump. We had to run and then jump as far as we can. I didn’t like it because after you jump in the sand, there is a lot of sand going into our shoes.

I think my favorite activities is the Walkers and Tug of War. I think I liked the Walkers the most because it was funny to see us do really well then suddenly stop.

During Lunch, there was a relay race. I did not compete in it because I wasn’t the first 4 people. All of the first 4 people from different houses (Mountain Lion, Orca, Bears and Ravens) went to compete. All of them had to run around the field and we could just relax and eat lunch.

At the end, there was the Tug of War. It’s when people in the same houses compete against people in the other houses. I was a Mountain Lion and we were first. We were against Bears. I thought that we were going to lose but then we actually won. After us, Orcas went against Ravens. I was cheering for Ravens cause it looked like there were a ton of Orcas. The Orcas won and we we went against them. It was the finals. It was really close. The Orcas won. We were all very tired afterwards.

I found the Tug of war the most challenging activity so far because you have to pull the rope as hard as you can and there might be more people on the other team than your own team. I enjoyed doing Sports Day.

Grade 10 Personal Projects

Grade 10 Personal Projects

On February 24th, we went to the Library to see Grade 10 student’s personal projects. It is when Grade 10 works very hard on creating things that haven’t been created before. They spent a lot of time doing this, so we couldn’t go to the Library during lunch and recess. There were a lot of cool things like bikes to power a computer charger, a fish tank to water plants, games to cure diseases and many more. I thought it would be a little bit boring but it was actually really fun.

When I came into the library, I saw that there was a bicycle. I went there first. The person who was hosting the station told me that if you ride the bicycle, there it will create energy. The electricity that we make is normal energy, it can charge phones, computers and add electricity to things that needs electricity. I tried it and it didn’t work because they didn’t plug in the charger. Later, when I came back the plugged it in. I saw that when people were riding it the computer started charging. I thought it was cool.

After that, I went to the place where when you play games it can cure diseases. I did not really get it but the person that was there told me a little bit about it. At first, I saw them playing games. I did not get a chance to try it. Then we saw the website. We saw where he cures the diseases. I did not stay there for long so I could not get much information.

Next, I went to a fish tank. It wasn’t just a fish tank, there were plants on top of it. The person who was there said that it waters the plants. There were about 5-6 fishes inside. The way a fish tank can water a plant is by feeding the fishes food once per day. Then, something goes through the pipe then out into the plants. I thought that it was really cool because you can just use a fish tank to water plants.

I think it was worth it not going to the Library at recess and lunch recess.