First Year of G5

First Year of G5

On August 1st, we have finished grade 4 and now moving on to grade 5! This blog post is a little bit late because we had to do a lot of things. Now we are on our next unit. This blog post, I am going to talk about a math game that I played online as an extra.

We played this game called Deep Sea Dive on the website called Illuminations. It’s a game where you can choose which grid you have. They have a 16 bubble grid and a 9 it says the target number on the top of the screen., and then you have to match the number so then it adds up to the target number.

I played the game a couple of times and I won a lot of them. Once you won like 4 times, the game gets harder and it can add in decimals and maybe even negative numbers!

The things I learned from this is how to add decimals. It was also very entertaining. Once I got to the decimals, I lost quite a bit. First when I tried it I kept guessing. Sometimes I won and sometimes I didn’t. I mostly didn’t. If you want to see the link, click HERE!

Before this, we had to do a summative test of UOI. This summative was about the first unit. It was about what we needed our classroom community to look like. By that, it meant that we needed to talk about what we wanted everyone to act, or what we actually wanted our classroom community to look like (Arranging tables and changing the design).

I am fast at typing, so I finished it earlier than some people. We also had this paper to correct our work and correct our mistakes. I added a few more ideas because the minimum of paragraphs were at least like 7-11 paragraphs.

This was a summative task, which means we can’t help other people. I helped someone a little bit but then I didn’t know.

I think I was successful with my writing piece. Maybe to improve it, I can add more details. In case you want to read it yourself, just go HERE!

I felt very happy since the start of the year. The only thing is that people kept talking when I was trying to focus.

Make A Map – Extinction

Make A Map – Extinction

On March 21st, I watched a video on BrainPop. The video was about extinction. I liked this one and decided to create a mind map about it. It was really cool.

Extinction is when an entire species of animals die. Species are any group of organisms that share enough common traits to breed together. There are more than 1 billion extinct species! Some examples of animals that are extinct; Sabre tooth tiger, dodo bird and dinosaurs are all extinct! And when a species die, it can affect the whole ecosystem.

The way the dinosaurs were extinct was by mass extinction. It is when a large percentage of species on earth die in a short period of time. It happens because sudden environmental factors like it suddenly becomes really cold. Dinosaurs do not live in cold places so they die very easily.

Evolutionary pressure is when one species change into many generations. There’s also a theory of evolution; All living things are competing for food, water and space, and because of that, they are becoming extinct! For example, if a fish is trying to get food and have more space, then a shark suddenly wants it, they’ll eat the fish to get even more space for themselves. If it keeps on happening, species will become extinct quicker.

Extinction can also happen by human activities like farming, forestry, industry and commercial fishing. They all put lots of pressure on the environment. Humans also depend a lot on food, clothing and shelter. They kill the animals and cut the trees for all of those. That is another way animals can become extinct.
I learned a lot about extinction. I am looking forward to creating another one :D.

What Was Most Important This Week

What Was Most Important This Week

I think the most important thing this week is when we were learning the angles, vertices, edges and faces. We also learned the degrees of each angle. I thought it was the most important because most of us didn’t know the ALL of the angles cause we didn’t know what a lot of them were called. We also learned about 3D and 2D shapes.

The 3D Shapes had vertices, edges and faces. The 2D shapes had sides. It was like we were doing a review on the shapes.

I thought that learning about the angles were the most important because most of us did not know all the angles. We only knew the right angle. Other than the right angle, we learned about the acute angle, obtuse angle, reflex angle and the straight angle. The acute angle has below 90 degrees. The obtuse angle is above 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees. The right angle was 90 degrees. I forgot the degrees of the straight and the reflex angle. The reflex angle is where the points of any shapes are like a triangle. The tip of the triangle is the reflex angle.

We also learned perpendicular, quadrilateral and parallel lines. A perpendicular is when 2 lines link together. A quadrilateral is a shape that has sides. A parallel line is when there are 2 lines but they never link up.

History Museum HK

History Museum HK

On Thursday, we went on a field trip. I didn’t get much information but we found out about the Opium war between China and England because they wanted to fight for HK. We learned about the Japanese Occupation of HK.

For the Opium War, the way it was caused was by England shipped opium to China, but then they suddenly they felt like they were too obsessed with opium that they would throw it out, so one person ordered them to throw all the opium out. Then China said that they didn’t like England’s things. So that caused the Opium War. We found out that England won the first Opium war. It started in 1839 and ended in 1842. But they could only get HK for 99 years then they have to return it to China. But in the 2nd war China won over HK. The start of the 2nd Opium war was from 1856 to 1860. We also found out that opium is like a ore or people that use it for smoking. I didn’t think that opium was for smoking cause it sounds like a ore to me.

I didn’t really find out about the Japanese Occupation of HK because we went there last and it was almost time for lunch. I still found out that they were also battling HK. We found out that there was a bit of a fire in HK. They still fought for it. We did not find out who won. I think China won cause right now HK is in China.

I think that the History Museum is quite interesting. It was nice to know what happened in the Opium War and who won it. It was also nice to know how Japan and China fought for HK.