Artist in Residence Project

The Artist in Residence project is a project where we have to split into groups consisting of  5 people. We had to design something more than a dress, shirt and pants. We needed to use unique fabrics and try to not use cloth, because that’s what nearly every dress is made out of. Our dressed needed to be LIFESIZE! Our group is using a garbage bag(Where you put all your garbage in and throw it away), it’s a unique fabric explaining that you shouldn’t treat your body like garbage. The Artist In Residence project is raising a charity for kids4kids. CDNIS is selling tickets for our show and the money goes to that charity. Our grade (Maybe grade 4, i’ve heard about it but I don’t know) is hosting a fashion show.

Our product is a dress which represents that people should eat more nutritious food. People need to eat nutritious food because it benefits your health, and the brain. Not eating enough nutritious foods, can give you stress, you can get sleepier than normal, and nutrition gives us energy to work. It’s just like breakfast, but if you walk around you might fall over. You might also get ill, like having a heart disease or a stroke. It is a serious risk and you wouldn’t want that to happen to you. So eat nutrients!

Sometimes when you grow older, you won’t really care about eating too much junk, and you would probably like it less. You would probably go to a club and eat donuts all day but that’s not good for you. It’s just like peer pressure, you want people to like you so you do whatever is a trend or anything like that. You probably eat more pizza, because everyone does, but that’s not good for your body. You shouldn’t eat too much protein without any vitamins. Just protein is just like sugar and it affects your health. This is why nutritious food is good to eat.

I think our group’s efforts were good, but we were a bit slow with creativity. The dress was too simple, so we changed it. I think we did pretty good for organization and cooperation because we worked together to know what we were doing. We seperated the jobs evenly so that we all got to do something or bring something. We did good on cooperation, but sometimes we went  too off task. We are in a good spot and I think we will have enough time to finish our Artist In Residence project. I think we could be a little more open minded and be more creative, we need to be open minded because neither of us wanted to be the model.

Addition Strategy

Addition Strategy

The way I solve addition problems is using Base 10 Blocks. A lot of people use this strategy but I think this is the most helpful other than the standard strategy. The equation I chose to answer was 49+64. First I started drawing 49, so I drew 4 of the 10 blocks and 9 of the ones blocks. That equals 49. Now i’m gonna do 69, so I put 6 of the 10 blocks and 4 of the ones blocks. That equals 64. Next, I add them together and it equals 113. If you need to check if 113 was the right answer,  you can do 113-64 which equals 49. And you can do the same with 49, like 113-49=64. Then that means that your answer is correct.

I enjoy using this strategy and I think it is the 2nd fastest way of solving addition problems.

Bar Graph

Bar Graph

 We made bar graphs! We collected data of what our questions. I asked “Which Pet”. My choices were “Cat, Dog, Snake, Fish, Tarantula, Fish, Other, I don’t have a favourite pet…”  Most of us were confused because we didn’t know who we asked and who we didn’t ask. Some people even had to restart. I didn’t restart because I already knew who I didn’t ask. I was lucky!

After collecting data we had to create the graph, I did a graph on my book. I already finished it. I created the final one at Create A Graph Classic. I got a bit mixed up because I entered the name Create A Graph instead of Create A Graph Classic so I chose the wrong one and had to restart my work. 🙁 We could also use Pie Charts. I really enjoyed using the bar graph!

We also learned the words for the bar graph like range, mode and other things. We already learned them last year, but we forgot almost all of them. We even forgot the scale! But I think we are all on the computers to create a bar graph.