My Role As A 5A Student

In class, we were thinking about our roles as a 5A student. We came up with 5 key things that would make the best classroom and we wrote them down on sticky notes. I wrote: 1. Be Positive, 2. Talk in a normal tone, 3. Be cooperative, 4. Stay on task, and 5. Follow instructions.

I wrote be positive because I think that if people kept saying negative things, it probably would start arguments and we’d get nothing done. I think that I could contribute to this and I can do it by thinking more about the positives than the negatives.

The next thing I wrote was talk in a normal tone because people outside (In the hallway) were talking really loud and nearly shouting and it distracted us. Sometimes we’ve heard them run by  our classroom and say weird things and made some people in our class laugh. Sometimes when my classmates are outside we can hear them from far away. I think I can contribute to this by: When seeing my friends are talking too loud and try to make them talk in a lower tone.

After that I wrote be cooperative. We should be more cooperative because sometimes people are working too slow, so then we should help them so then we don’t take too long. Our assembly is next/the week after next week and I think we should definitely be cooperative.

I wrote stay on task because if we don’t stay on task, nothing would be gotten done. It’s like being positive but more important. Staying on task means that you’re not gaming and playing games or listening to music on the computer when the teacher isn’t watching. If we stay off task, we’ll get too carried away and forget what to do. I can contribute to this ← by telling anyone that’s off task to get back on task so we could finish faster and get maybe free time at the end of what we’re doing.

The last thing I wrote was follow instructions. We should also ask questions about the instructions so that we don’t get mixed up and maybe have to start again. If we follow instructions, our classroom will be functioning much quicker. I can contribute to this by ← correcting anyone I see not following instructions – doing the wrong thing.

I believe if we follow all those things ^, we’ll be a better functioning class :).

Artist in Residence Project

The Artist in Residence project is a project where we have to split into groups consisting of  5 people. We had to design something more than a dress, shirt and pants. We needed to use unique fabrics and try to not use cloth, because that’s what nearly every dress is made out of. Our dressed needed to be LIFESIZE! Our group is using a garbage bag(Where you put all your garbage in and throw it away), it’s a unique fabric explaining that you shouldn’t treat your body like garbage. The Artist In Residence project is raising a charity for kids4kids. CDNIS is selling tickets for our show and the money goes to that charity. Our grade (Maybe grade 4, i’ve heard about it but I don’t know) is hosting a fashion show.

Our product is a dress which represents that people should eat more nutritious food. People need to eat nutritious food because it benefits your health, and the brain. Not eating enough nutritious foods, can give you stress, you can get sleepier than normal, and nutrition gives us energy to work. It’s just like breakfast, but if you walk around you might fall over. You might also get ill, like having a heart disease or a stroke. It is a serious risk and you wouldn’t want that to happen to you. So eat nutrients!

Sometimes when you grow older, you won’t really care about eating too much junk, and you would probably like it less. You would probably go to a club and eat donuts all day but that’s not good for you. It’s just like peer pressure, you want people to like you so you do whatever is a trend or anything like that. You probably eat more pizza, because everyone does, but that’s not good for your body. You shouldn’t eat too much protein without any vitamins. Just protein is just like sugar and it affects your health. This is why nutritious food is good to eat.

I think our group’s efforts were good, but we were a bit slow with creativity. The dress was too simple, so we changed it. I think we did pretty good for organization and cooperation because we worked together to know what we were doing. We seperated the jobs evenly so that we all got to do something or bring something. We did good on cooperation, but sometimes we went  too off task. We are in a good spot and I think we will have enough time to finish our Artist In Residence project. I think we could be a little more open minded and be more creative, we need to be open minded because neither of us wanted to be the model.

HWOO (How We Organise Ourselves)

HWOO (How We Organise Ourselves)

On the start of November, we started a new unit called How we Organise Ourselves. The central idea was: “Being organised empowers us to take action more effectively.”. The way an organization empowers itself effectively is by having leaders and lots of workers.

The reason why companies/organisations need to be organised is because not everyone can lead a company. People may have different perspectives of things and there may be many arguments. Workers also can have different opinions. Many people have different opinions of things, so the leader can decide what to do.

We learned all the leaders that you could be: Visionaries, Doers, Reasoners and bridge builders. Out of all the leaders I could have been, I chose that I would be a bridge-builder. A build bridger’s talents are having compassion, having communication skills, oratory skills and listening skills. The task of bridge builders is that they have to hold team meetings, give pep talks, manage things, and get people to calm down and get people to meditate.

We got a piece of paper, there were a bunch of gifts on there such as being a good listener, having physical strength, bilingual, being a good writer, a speaker, outgoing, athletic, musical, and artistic. Out of all of those gifts, I think I am a good listener and a good writer. I think I’m a good listener because I think I can help my friends through difficult times. I think I am a good writer because I can hurriedly draft/write letters to people (Especially on computers!).

The way an organisation’s form empowers it to function properly is that an organisation can have good people (There are executives, board of directors, etc). They can also have people that have the most/good experienced workers. The way the company decides decisions, is by having the executives and the board of directors decide decisions. The good people can make the company/Organisation function really well. We have been recently working on something called TwoPresents. TwoPresents is an organisation that connects with many different charities. They ask people to contribute by giving gifts for many different charities. Their mission is to reduce plastic waste.

My group for TwoPresents is the Hong Kong Adventist Hospital. We organised by starting with a plan of a board game Then we tried it on google drawings. The person from TwoPresents said our game was a very creative board game. I think it will be effective because it will make patients that are in the hospital less bored. It might also be able to reduce stress, and get your mind off of being scared (if you are). The people who are contributing are the TwoPresents people, and students. I think our group is good and we have done a successful job of contributing to TwoPresents.

P.E – The Game of Life

During a P.E lesson, we played a game. We didn’t know what the game was called, so I called it the game of life.

“The Game of Life” is basically capture the flag. Instead of going against another team, every team was against each other. If you don’t know what capture the flag is: You have to try to get other people’s points by going into their base and stealing bean bags (points). If you get caught trying to steal bean bags, you get sent to jail. Since we play on the 6th floor pitch, jail is in the corner.

Since there are different houses in our school (Mountain Lion, Raven, Orca & Bear), we each had our own teams. I am a mountain lion so me and the other mountain lions were a team. Our teacher pretended that his favorite color was blue, so he gave all the bean bags to the blue team (Bears). Because he liked the blue team, we couldn’t tag them, but they were allowed to tag us.

We had a lot of people on our team. I was defending the bean bags. The bears took most of our bean bags, but I think that they felt bad so they left one bean bag in every team’s base.

Overall, we did a good job. We got most of the Raven’s points. We started low in the beginning but we worked our way up to a lot of bean bags.

At the end of P.E, people got angry because they thought that the game was not fair. The P.E teacher was telling us that life isn’t fair because lots of people are rich and some people are poor. In this game, the bears were the rich people. The other teams were the poor people.

I didn’t really care if I won or lost. It was fun, and I thought it wasn’t as bad as the other P.E classes.

Refugee Simulator

On October 27, we had to do a refugee simulation. At first, I felt confused. I was confused because they gave us a piece of paper to fill out. The words on the paper were greek. Later, we found out that the paper the teachers gave us was a health form. We didn’t know what to do, so we just put no no no no no no no, and of course we did it wrong.

Later when we got in, they gave us pieces of paper. They showed us a sample of paper bags. So we tried to figure out how to make it, and we made good quality ones so we got +10 and +2 dollars!

The things that made the biggest impact was figuring out how to make the paper bags by ourselves. The impact was was that it kind of wasted our time figuring out how to make them. Another thing was that we had to use our money wisely. People got diseases like infections. If we didn’t buy a cure for them, they would die. We also needed food, and basic needs.

During this, I felt nervous, dizzy, sleepy and excited. I was dizzy because if it’s really loud I get dizzy. I felt nervous because I had a disease and I thought I was gonna die (Not literally die, just sit out).

Once, we had 16 dollars. It is the most we’ve earned. At the end, we had 8 dollars. We used our money to cure diseases.

We did something similar to last year, and we were the poorest people. I enjoyed this and i wanna do it again, but I just want to make it quieter.

Camp (Grade 5)

Camp (Grade 5)

On October 12th, we had camp. We did lots of activities like raft building, a survival, kayaking and much more. For this year of camp, I chose to write about the raft building. We had to make a raft that was stable and could float. Our group leaders also jumped in the water and we had to tap their head to save them.

Out of 10, I think that I knew 7/10 of how to build a stable raft. I chose 7 because last year we had to build a raft that was stable and wouldn’t break apart. Our’s was stable but there was one tire that almost fell apart. I didn’t add in 3 to make 10 because I forgot how to tie some of the knots. I also didn’t really know how to tie a tire and a metal pole together.

I felt good about it, and I thought it was gonna float. The thing I liked was jumping off the pier. After we did raft building and we saved our group leaders, they let us jump off the pier. The water was salt water so I didn’t like it when I landed.

The thing I disliked while we were trying to save our group leaders was when the raft almost tipped over. There was one tire that was about to break but it didn’t. I was on that one and the whole raft almost tipped over.  

I enjoyed testing it to see whether the raft was stable. We had to test it because they threw it off the pier into the water. We also tested it to see if there was any loose parts. There was a few and we tried to fix them but we ran out of time.

I think our raft was similar to everyone else’s raft. We tried to make it different at the end but then we didn’t have enough time. While our group was walking to go kayaking, I saw that they had the same raft. Everyone did a square with 4 tires in it.

The thing I would improve is how tight the knots were. At the end, our raft was the easiest to take apart. Also when it was my turn to go in the water, the tire I was sitting on nearly un-tied to the metal poles and the other tires almost fell apart too.

I enjoyed this and I hope that next year we’re gonna have another activity like this.

Robotics Dance Challenge

Robotics Dance Challenge

On may 18th, we had to continue our robotics dance challenge. This time, me and my partner were not coding. We created costumes. At the start of robotics, I was trying to code our robots because we are very very far behind. We have not even done half of our dance.

In order to get our supplies for our costumes, we needed to go to the art room or outside our classroom to get paper to make the costumes. For my robot, I decided to put a moustache on mine. It didn’t work very well, and someone did it and I wanted something different. So I put sunglasses instead. We also put small signs on our robots. Our group was called Starry Potatoes. Both of our robots have flowers on the butt.

My partner’s robot had a flower on the butt of the robot. They also put signs. At the end, I noticed our robot had no colour. The wheel was kind of lame. I decided to put rainbow strips of paper around our robot’s wheels. Unfortunately, we ran out of time. We had to wait for the next lesson.

Me and my partner is almost done. We just need to add a little bit more to our robots. I am looking forward to the next lesson of Robotics.

Robotics Dance Challenge

Robotics Dance Challenge

On March, we started doing a robotics dance challenge. The way we do the robotics dance challenge is by getting 2 robots to dance. They both have to be synchronised. Our class was the first class to get the robots.

We have already finished doing the plan. Our dance looks a little bit too complicated. We have only done the start and we don’t have much time left. I thought my robot was a bit broken because at the start my partner’s robot was working when mine was not. Then mine was working and my partner’s was not.

For all of the sessions we’ve had robotics, I have been trying to fix my robot but it wasn’t working so I just changed it a little bit and it started working.

I think we did it because the teachers would think that it was fun. From doing the robotics dance challenge, I learned how to make the robot turn 360° .

Treasure Island (Camp)

Treasure Island (Camp)

On Wednesday, Grade 4 went to treasure island for camp. We stayed there for 3 days (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday). I was put into group 2, and we did many different activities.

The thing I enjoyed the most was the rope course. The rope course is where you have to blindfold yourself and hold onto the rope and try to get your whole team to the finish line. There was trees in the way so it made it more interesting. I like that the most because it is like dialogue in the dark. I also enjoyed it because you don’t know where you are going and it is a bit like a mystery.

I experienced many things for the first time but I liked surfing. I have never done surfing before and I thought that it was very fun.

I will remember making smores the most because I like eating food. It is also my first time making smores!

The thing I found most challenging was the raft building. I think it was the most challenging because you have a short amount of time to plan and build. We only had a certain amount of materials. Everyone had 4 bamboo sticks, 4 short ropes and 2 long ropes, and 4 tires. Our raft broke when we went to ride it, so instead of riding it we pushed it. At the end you have to pile it up to match what it looked like when we first got there.
From camp, I learned how to set up my own tent. I also learned how to take care of myself when I am away from my family. I enjoyed being at camp.

Sports Day

Sports Day

On February 28th, we had sports day. Sports day is the day when we go out of school and we play games that have to do with sports. Not all of them but most of them did. Grade 4 and 3 were going together so we had to be separated into groups. I was put in group 1.

First, we all had to run around the whole field. The first 4 people that finished would get to compete in the relay race during lunch. I just walked almost the whole way there because I would use up all my energy and won’t have enough for the rest of the games.

Later, I saw that there were a lot of games. We played all of them, there was Parachute, Capture the Flag, Walkers, Long Jump and more. I did not like the Long Jump. We had to run and then jump as far as we can. I didn’t like it because after you jump in the sand, there is a lot of sand going into our shoes.

I think my favorite activities is the Walkers and Tug of War. I think I liked the Walkers the most because it was funny to see us do really well then suddenly stop.

During Lunch, there was a relay race. I did not compete in it because I wasn’t the first 4 people. All of the first 4 people from different houses (Mountain Lion, Orca, Bears and Ravens) went to compete. All of them had to run around the field and we could just relax and eat lunch.

At the end, there was the Tug of War. It’s when people in the same houses compete against people in the other houses. I was a Mountain Lion and we were first. We were against Bears. I thought that we were going to lose but then we actually won. After us, Orcas went against Ravens. I was cheering for Ravens cause it looked like there were a ton of Orcas. The Orcas won and we we went against them. It was the finals. It was really close. The Orcas won. We were all very tired afterwards.

I found the Tug of war the most challenging activity so far because you have to pull the rope as hard as you can and there might be more people on the other team than your own team. I enjoyed doing Sports Day.