On April, (I forgot which day) We had SLLRS. SLLR stands for Student Led Learning Reviews. An SLLR is when students from every class (Except upper school) tell their parents about what they learned about over the school year. You don’t have to talk about everything. You could choose 3 that you wanted to tell your parents about.

My SLLR was on Friday. I got to relax for 1 day and then I had to go to the SLLR. After that, I needed to go to a birthday party so I got to relax again.

The things I told my parents about was The Design Project, A Persuasive writing piece about deforestation and the robotics dance challenge. We also had to talk to our parents about chinese. It was the same as the one we are doing for english but we had to speak in chinese and we tell them about what we did in chinese.
I enjoyed telling my parents about my SLLR, but I am not very excited for the next one next year.



On February 23rd, we did a commercial. How we did it was by creating an ad showing our product. Each of us had different products. 2 people had the same product. My product was edible tea bags, the other 2 were edible cutlery and a tea set.

Some other people were filming. So we had to try and be quiet. They had to keep restarting because we kept talking. It took a really really long time to set up the props. We did it for a long time that it was already time for recess. We did not get much done.

First, we needed to get into a group of 4 or 3. Next, we needed to plan. The plan had things like what is our slogan gonna be, who are we trying to convince to buy them? Then, we needed to do a storyboard. After that we needed to write a script for our ad. We already finished all of those. We kept forgetting to bring the props so we are still on practicing. Now I think that we are ready to film.

All that we are doing right now is linked up to Visual Arts. We have to make Eco Packaging for our products. All of us are in the same company, but we are not making the same products. Only 2 people are.

I think we did this because we needed to learn how to film using different techniques. I chose to write about this because I thought that it is really cool. From doing this, I learned the different camera angles and the techniques they use like Bandwagon, testimonial, plain folks, emotional appeal and a lot more. I am going to enjoy filming this commercial.

No More Plastic at The Flower Fair Poster

No More Plastic at The Flower Fair Poster

Last week, we needed to choose to make 1 poster. There were 3 options, one was No More Plastic at the Flower Fair, Vote For Me (Student council) and Save Puppies (SPCA). We chose the No More Plastic because we knew everyone would choose the SPCA for their poster and we wanted something different.

Our target audience is CDNIS students who buy things at the Flower Fair.

The techniques we used to influence the audience was by writing facts about plastic and putting pictures of animals suffocating from plastic. If the toy that they buy doesn’t work or if they don’t want it anymore, they will eventually be thrown away and the plastic goes into the ocean. Then the animals suffocate in it. We also used some facts about plastic like:”You can find 150,000,000 kilograms of plastic in our oceans.”

I think our audience might respond to us by buying no more plastic toys at the Flower Fair. The people who sell products at the Flower Fair will respond to us by not selling anymore plastic toys.



On January 11th, our class had a spotlight. A spotlight is showing what we learned in Performing Arts. Our theme was The Amazing Race, instead we named it The Amazing Musical Race which is based on a T.V show. The Amazing Race is when people are in teams and they travel around the world to complete challenges to be the winners of The Amazing Race.


What went well was we memorized all of our lines before the spotlight started. We knew when to come out from backstage and to go back in. We also knew where to stand on the stage.


If I could improve the spotlight I think that we should speak louder because we didn’t have microphones. We could have also not have our backs facing the audience while we were speaking.


I enjoyed performing. I enjoyed being backstage because we were having a lot of fun backstage. I am looking forward to the spotlight next year.

How History Changed My Life – Seminar

How History Changed My Life – Seminar

The seminar I chose to write about is How History Changed My Life. Here is what Ms. Mumford told us.


When Ms. Mumford Started school, she thought that school didn’t make sense because she couldn’t spell. She also didn’t memorise the numbers. So, Ms Mumford’s brother helped her, then, she found a way to memorise the alphabet and numbers. For the numbers, she made them have different personalities. For the letters, she made them have a story.

At the end, she ended up learning history. She learned about dudes who changed religions, and people who fought for human rights.


That happened to let her memorise things and to help people in need.


It affected the world by her becoming a teacher and helping HK. And, to help people in need.

I really really enjoyed this seminar.




 We have an assembly! Though we made many mistakes and were very messy, we practised today and it was better than yesterday. Now we ran through it we now know the order of things. And now we are ready. Last time we had to keep printing, but the printer didn’t have paper. So we kept going back and forth and last time, we had trouble memorising our scripts, so our homework was to memorise them. Now almost all of us remember our lines! And our learning buddies are going to come watch it. I am very scared because my friends keep saying “Good Luck, Good Luck” to me for almost the whole week!

  Finally, we did our assembly! Some people kept laughing and they couldn’t hear me talk. It was sad :(.


 Some time in the week, we had P.E. But we didn’t get much done because we had a different teacher. It was Mrs. T. So we spent a lot of time getting confused and asking questions just because we didn’t know what to do. And for the last part, we were about to play Dr. Dodgeball. But she spent so much time explaining the rules (Even if we already knew it), so we only got like 1 minute to play and then when 4A came back, I asked them “How was P.E?” And they said that they got like 30 minutes to play Dr. Dodgeball. I thought it wasn’t fair.


  I finally brought my P.A folder, so I didn’t have to sit out and do Air Recorder. Though it was a disaster because we kept laughing at a note and we had to try to stop ourselves and that took a long time.

ISA Test (International School  


 For Tuesday and Wednesday, we have no Chinese cause we have a ISA test. When I came from the 7th floor, up to the 9th floor, everyone kept saying “Yay! No Chinese!” It was really annoying. When we first started the Assessment, I thought that the first part was really easy. I thought that it was fun. We did Mathematical Literacy part 1 and part 2, we did writing part 1 and 2. And we also did the reading. It was reading comprehensions. It was also really easy and I enjoyed it. I hope I get a good grade.


Me as a Learner

Me as a Learner

 Hi, my name is Tammi. I am in class 4B. This is where I share my learning with others :). My favourite subject is swimming, reading and P.E! I enjoy playing games, doing playful pranks on people, reading, going to classes and doing ASAs! (ASA’s-Not in school), doing extra things during lunch like Library Helper, and I also enjoy drawing stuff at home (Things from games.) and visiting my last year’s teacher. In grade 4, I am looking forward to field trips, camp, and things that include going outside of school :3). I am good at typing, reading, writing, math and drawing! My goals for grade 4 is to not get  distracted and to take time to finish my work. And I talk a lot so I need to try to be more quiet.

When I grow up, I wanna be either a scientist, architect or builder… They are both very cool people to be. I think being a scientist is cool because you get to discover things that people might not know. I want to be an architect because you get to design your own house and it would look nice. But when you’re a builder and you wanna build yourself a house then you don’t have to pay.

 I am looking forward to things that are outside school like field trips and camp. I think I am enthusiastic and creative because I come up with very crazy things that make people laugh (Jokes) :3). I work well with my friends but they are in different classes. But I can still work well by myself, with my table group and with people in this class (Depends who because what if someone in my group is distracting me?).

 If something on this iFolio doesn’t make sense just comment and I can fix it. Don’t be too mean because this is only my first iFolio post :). Thank you! 😀