Visual Arts Peace Flag

Visual Arts Peace Flag

Peace day is on September 21st, today is Nov 9. We have been making peace day flags since September. Along the way, I’ve learned how to sew. I’ve been making mistakes by sewing in from the TOP first.

The thing I wanted to express from my peace day flag is that peace isn’t dark and peace is having a heart. Remembrance day is coming soon so they are putting our flags along the grade 5 hallway. They might even keep it for Christmas.

The techniques I was using was sewing. I also used hot glue for things that couldn’t be sewed onto my peace flag.

I can use this skill by fixing my broken clothes. Instead of spending money to fix your old and torn up clothes, you can just fix it yourself without spending any money.

At the start, I would rate myself a 5. I would rate myself a 5 because I remember i’ve sewed before, but I am sure that I forgot. At the end, I would rate myself a 7 because I thought that I got better and we found out that I started sewing from the top instead of sewing on the bottom.

I think I would be able to use the skills I learned in the future, and I think that I can get better and reach at least a 8 when I grow up.