On May 12th, every class in grade 4 went to the library pit to learn about disasters. There was a police officer there named Mr. Graeme. He taught us many things about different disasters. Mainly natural disasters.

The things we learned about there was a landslide, typhoon and fires. The first thing we learned about was the typhoon. When there was a typhoon 7 or 8, they would put up the flag to the highest. If it was lower, the flag would go lower. The flag is to warn the people that are shipping stuff that people order that there is a typhoon coming.

Next, we learned about fires. We did not just learn about people setting stuff on fire or overcooking, we also learned about forest fires. There was one near my house and when I went outside I saw lots of smoke. People can also start forest fires by camping. If the fire is too hot, later it will cause the trees beside the fire pit to burn.

Lastly, we learned about Landslides. Landslides are when there are huge rocks falling from mountains. The rocks are really heavy, they can knock down buildings very easily. They can knock down half of an apartment!

I learned a lot about disasters and I am hoping to see another one of these presentations. 🙂