Grade 10 Personal Projects

Grade 10 Personal Projects

On February 24th, we went to the Library to see Grade 10 student’s personal projects. It is when Grade 10 works very hard on creating things that haven’t been created before. They spent a lot of time doing this, so we couldn’t go to the Library during lunch and recess. There were a lot of cool things like bikes to power a computer charger, a fish tank to water plants, games to cure diseases and many more. I thought it would be a little bit boring but it was actually really fun.

When I came into the library, I saw that there was a bicycle. I went there first. The person who was hosting the station told me that if you ride the bicycle, there it will create energy. The electricity that we make is normal energy, it can charge phones, computers and add electricity to things that needs electricity. I tried it and it didn’t work because they didn’t plug in the charger. Later, when I came back the plugged it in. I saw that when people were riding it the computer started charging. I thought it was cool.

After that, I went to the place where when you play games it can cure diseases. I did not really get it but the person that was there told me a little bit about it. At first, I saw them playing games. I did not get a chance to try it. Then we saw the website. We saw where he cures the diseases. I did not stay there for long so I could not get much information.

Next, I went to a fish tank. It wasn’t just a fish tank, there were plants on top of it. The person who was there said that it waters the plants. There were about 5-6 fishes inside. The way a fish tank can water a plant is by feeding the fishes food once per day. Then, something goes through the pipe then out into the plants. I thought that it was really cool because you can just use a fish tank to water plants.

I think it was worth it not going to the Library at recess and lunch recess.