Reflection Of The Week (First Week At School)

On Monday (The 20th of August), we started school. I thought that grade 6 would be quite hard because of the PYP Exhibition and also the Young Americans. I don’t like performing and i’m quite shy. I have a few friends here and there’s also some people from last year. I felt bad for one of our friends that’s not in our class because she’s by herself.

I think our schedule on Tuesday is very tiring. I asked my mom to change my schedules for Tuesday (Which I had swimming on) so that I would be more comfortable (Since we have to walk up around 50 flights of stairs). Other than that I think our schedule is quite normal and around the same as last year.

I’m not so excited for grade 6 or high school because this year we have longer camps, and last year I got really homesick and I cried just a little bit. In grade 7 we’d be starting Experience Week and going to different countries (Or staying in Hong Kong and hiking — Even if I like hiking but I think hiking is a bit boring).

Chinese is okay this year but i’m just a bit annoyed of going to the CCC. I’ve never been there for Chinese classes. I think one day i’ll get used to it but I still would always find it annoying walking through the grade 5 hallway and having to walk up all those stairs instead of walking to the classroom next door (In short words I’m too lazy and need to be more active)

Even if it was the start of the school year, I think I’ve met a lot of the class and I got to know them a little bit better before the first 2 weeks of school, and there aren’t that many new people. I got a little bit confused on who was who but now I think I’m ok.

I think we’ve also been doing good on changing our schedule because we are starting morning meetings and been playing some activities and we have been planning for some team building activities, but we also definitely need to work on listening to instructions and following them.

My week so far has been good it’s just that Tuesday is a bit tiring and I’m glad I got to change my after school activities to different days.

Writing ~ Home Learning

For home learning, I chose to inquire onto wheels. I decided to write about wheels because i think it made a big impact on everyone’s lives; convenient, it helped invent pottery, etc. I used many different sources to find my info like:

*Wikipedia (

*Smithsonian (

*Ancient Origins (  

*autoevolution (

I found out that the wheel originated from Mesopotamia, and it was made in the Roman Empire (3500 BC). People didn’t have as good materials as they do now so the wheels were made out of wood, stone, and a little bit of metal.

There are many positives of the old wheel, and the new wheel. I decided to write about the old wheel since there are many differences between them. I wrote that it works, it helped invent pottery (Pottery wheel), and it inspired people to create fun things like ferris wheels. It also helped invent fun things for pets like hamster wheels!

There are not many negatives of the old wheel. I couldn’t find or think of anything else, so I wrote that it could cause deforestation (Because of cutting down trees and most vehicles need 4/2 wheels.) and relating to that, it would waste some materials.

The first vehicle was a chariot. In 3500 BC, the wheel wasn’t used like regular wheels like how we use them today. They were first served as a potter’s wheel (Pottery). In 3200 BC, people finally got the idea to use the wheel to transport people around the place. They were used by the army for hunting, and racing, and of course transportation. The people that were involved was the army, the Europeans (They are one of the first to make the wheel), the Egyptians (They were also one of the first to make the wheel).

The wheel helped inspire people and inventors to make something more of the wheel, like ferris wheels and water wheels. It helps many people in many ways and makes our lives even easier.

P.E – The Game of Life

During a P.E lesson, we played a game. We didn’t know what the game was called, so I called it the game of life.

“The Game of Life” is basically capture the flag. Instead of going against another team, every team was against each other. If you don’t know what capture the flag is: You have to try to get other people’s points by going into their base and stealing bean bags (points). If you get caught trying to steal bean bags, you get sent to jail. Since we play on the 6th floor pitch, jail is in the corner.

Since there are different houses in our school (Mountain Lion, Raven, Orca & Bear), we each had our own teams. I am a mountain lion so me and the other mountain lions were a team. Our teacher pretended that his favorite color was blue, so he gave all the bean bags to the blue team (Bears). Because he liked the blue team, we couldn’t tag them, but they were allowed to tag us.

We had a lot of people on our team. I was defending the bean bags. The bears took most of our bean bags, but I think that they felt bad so they left one bean bag in every team’s base.

Overall, we did a good job. We got most of the Raven’s points. We started low in the beginning but we worked our way up to a lot of bean bags.

At the end of P.E, people got angry because they thought that the game was not fair. The P.E teacher was telling us that life isn’t fair because lots of people are rich and some people are poor. In this game, the bears were the rich people. The other teams were the poor people.

I didn’t really care if I won or lost. It was fun, and I thought it wasn’t as bad as the other P.E classes.

Refugee Simulator

On October 27, we had to do a refugee simulation. At first, I felt confused. I was confused because they gave us a piece of paper to fill out. The words on the paper were greek. Later, we found out that the paper the teachers gave us was a health form. We didn’t know what to do, so we just put no no no no no no no, and of course we did it wrong.

Later when we got in, they gave us pieces of paper. They showed us a sample of paper bags. So we tried to figure out how to make it, and we made good quality ones so we got +10 and +2 dollars!

The things that made the biggest impact was figuring out how to make the paper bags by ourselves. The impact was was that it kind of wasted our time figuring out how to make them. Another thing was that we had to use our money wisely. People got diseases like infections. If we didn’t buy a cure for them, they would die. We also needed food, and basic needs.

During this, I felt nervous, dizzy, sleepy and excited. I was dizzy because if it’s really loud I get dizzy. I felt nervous because I had a disease and I thought I was gonna die (Not literally die, just sit out).

Once, we had 16 dollars. It is the most we’ve earned. At the end, we had 8 dollars. We used our money to cure diseases.

We did something similar to last year, and we were the poorest people. I enjoyed this and i wanna do it again, but I just want to make it quieter.

Pok Fu Lam Village – Field Trip Reflection

Pok Fu Lam Village – Field Trip Reflection

On Oct 24, we went to Pok Fu Lam Village for a field trip. We went to Dragon’s Museum, different restaurants, a Dairy Farm Staff quarters. We saw  a hay silo, wall graffiti, etc. There were stray dogs along the way – the dogs were adorable. There were also lots of butterflies – i always had to duck because i’m scared of butterflies. 

We hiked up the mountain to see historical sights. The hike was steep and I slipped a couple of times but friends behind me pushed me up so that I don’t fall.

Along the way, we saw different conditions of how people live. Some have very poor living conditions and some were living off container vans. It does not seem comfortable at all. Some people who live in villages along the slopes of the mountain need to use common toilets because there are only 4 toilets for the entire village. 

Other things that we saw were cacti, a cow picture from a long time ago, schools and spider webs. We saw alleys that were very narrow. This hiking experience was more difficult than the one we did last year because of the steepness of the slope.

Up till now, I still wonder whether there are snakes or lizards around the area. It would’ve been scary. Hopefully there is none around the area. 

Camp (Grade 5)

Camp (Grade 5)

On October 12th, we had camp. We did lots of activities like raft building, a survival, kayaking and much more. For this year of camp, I chose to write about the raft building. We had to make a raft that was stable and could float. Our group leaders also jumped in the water and we had to tap their head to save them.

Out of 10, I think that I knew 7/10 of how to build a stable raft. I chose 7 because last year we had to build a raft that was stable and wouldn’t break apart. Our’s was stable but there was one tire that almost fell apart. I didn’t add in 3 to make 10 because I forgot how to tie some of the knots. I also didn’t really know how to tie a tire and a metal pole together.

I felt good about it, and I thought it was gonna float. The thing I liked was jumping off the pier. After we did raft building and we saved our group leaders, they let us jump off the pier. The water was salt water so I didn’t like it when I landed.

The thing I disliked while we were trying to save our group leaders was when the raft almost tipped over. There was one tire that was about to break but it didn’t. I was on that one and the whole raft almost tipped over.  

I enjoyed testing it to see whether the raft was stable. We had to test it because they threw it off the pier into the water. We also tested it to see if there was any loose parts. There was a few and we tried to fix them but we ran out of time.

I think our raft was similar to everyone else’s raft. We tried to make it different at the end but then we didn’t have enough time. While our group was walking to go kayaking, I saw that they had the same raft. Everyone did a square with 4 tires in it.

The thing I would improve is how tight the knots were. At the end, our raft was the easiest to take apart. Also when it was my turn to go in the water, the tire I was sitting on nearly un-tied to the metal poles and the other tires almost fell apart too.

I enjoyed this and I hope that next year we’re gonna have another activity like this.

Washed Away

Washed Away

There was once a calm city and everything seemed fine. The wind was blowing, the people were chatting, and the sky was blue with birds flying around, and flowers were blooming.

In the city, there once lived a old person that used to be young named Jelly.

Jelly was wise, smart, creative, knowledgeable, empathetic and a thinker. She would always know what to do, she barely flunk any of her tests. She studied hard in school and became a very intelligent girl.

Years later, she had a kid and she would do anything to protect him. The name was Bob. She always wanted a son named Bob.

Suddenly, a random lady shouted in fear: “Help us! The police are saying that there is a Tsunami about to start in minutes!” The police took a bullhorn and said: “Everyone! Please get ready. There is a Tsunami coming in minutes. Don’t panic, pack everything, and we’ll be fine!”

Some people did not hear, they just continued watching TV. Some people heard, and did exactly what the police said. Other people did not care, they took all the things they could like old clocks, dusty socks, their pillows, and all kinds of stuff.

Jelly heard what the police said. At first she didn’t believe the lady and the police because there were barely any natural disasters in XDCity. Then she wondered why the police would say it. She thought: “Maybe they are right. We better get ready!”

Jelly quickly took all the things she needed like her money, some blue, tall water bottles, Some food that the teens liked and Jelly liked, and all kinds of stuff.

Jelly was not like other people. So she put everything in a huge box. It was quite heavy at first but then she got used to it. She put down the box then she wondered:“How am are we going to escape before the water washes up away?”

She quickly came up with a idea. Jelly said: “Bob, go get me the 2 dinghies from the pool.” “Why?” Bob asked anxiously. “Just get me the dinghies!”

The Tsunami was coming closer every second. Lots of people were on their phones trying to contact police from different countries.

Bob came running back to Jelly with the Dinghies. She quickly ran to the water. “Bob, can you swim?” Bob replied: “Yeah of course” “You will need to run towards the Tsunami before it forms.” Jelly told Bob. “Don’t worry, I will be right behind you :)” Bob said: “Ok :D”

Lots of people were shouting at them. Someone understood what they were doing. He shouted: “They’re right! We need to go run at the Tsunami before it forms. So that we don’t have to go through the whole wave when it’s done!” Lots of people didn’t understand, the people that did ran at the Tsunami.

Everyone knew how to swim. Every second, the Tsunami was becoming a small blob of water. Everyone who was watching the T.V Heard the news. They were shouting in fear.

Bob ran at the Tsunami. He said: “I forgot to change into my swimming suit!” Jelly said: “Don’t worry, I don’t have it either. I have a DRESS! That’s even worse.”

They both past the Tsunami. Their mouth was filled with salty warm water. Bob quickly spit all the water out. The Tsunami was just forming so it still was like a little kind of waves of water.

Everyone was following right behind them. Soon, everyone went through before it became big again. Bob and Jelly took out their dinghies and put them on the water. Some guy shouted: “Hey! Can we hang on to your dinghies so we don’t have to swim all the way to that island?”

Jelly replied to the man: “Sure!”

Everyone swam to the Dinghies. They held on tight.

Jelly and Bob tried to paddle their way to the island. A few hours later, they finally reached the island.

“I have my phone! I can call the police to come pick us up with a helicopter!” A random lady shouted. Jelly said: “Yes yes yes!!! Please let us use it.” The lady called the police. The people heard her say: “Yes… We are in the middle of nowhere. We just came from XD City. It’s at the beach and you keep going forward and you see us. Yes… Yes… THANK YOU… We need like maybe 10. Thank you” Then she pressed a button and she closed out of the call. “It worked!” She said. “But it will take some time…”

The people were thirsty and they were starving. You can almost hear their tummy rumble.

Several hours later, the police came with the helicopters. Everyone climbed on and flew to somewhere in china where it was safe.

After the Tsunami in xDCity, the builders came to rebuild everything that was broken. “It will take several years.” A builder said. “We’ll do our best to put everything back together.”

Many many years later, the whole city was back to normal. The police took the people back to XDCity. And they lived a normal life again :D.

The end C:

Robotics Dance Challenge

Robotics Dance Challenge

On may 18th, we had to continue our robotics dance challenge. This time, me and my partner were not coding. We created costumes. At the start of robotics, I was trying to code our robots because we are very very far behind. We have not even done half of our dance.

In order to get our supplies for our costumes, we needed to go to the art room or outside our classroom to get paper to make the costumes. For my robot, I decided to put a moustache on mine. It didn’t work very well, and someone did it and I wanted something different. So I put sunglasses instead. We also put small signs on our robots. Our group was called Starry Potatoes. Both of our robots have flowers on the butt.

My partner’s robot had a flower on the butt of the robot. They also put signs. At the end, I noticed our robot had no colour. The wheel was kind of lame. I decided to put rainbow strips of paper around our robot’s wheels. Unfortunately, we ran out of time. We had to wait for the next lesson.

Me and my partner is almost done. We just need to add a little bit more to our robots. I am looking forward to the next lesson of Robotics.

Learning Reflection: Make, Create, Collaborate

Learning Reflection: Make, Create, Collaborate

On May 11th, we went to the 10th floor LLAC lobby. We went to the LLAC lobby to do stations. It’s when there are many different topics for each station. For example: Singing, Knitting and more. If you liked singing you could go there if you were interested in knitting you could go to the knitting centre.

There were many different stations that we could go to. The ones that I remember is the singing, 3D doodling, knitting, music, greenscreen, plastics and I forgot the rest. Plastics is the one where you use the bottled water’s caps to make something pretty. I was helping on one that said “Joy” The singing station was the most popular one.

I think we did this because our teacher thought it would be fun for us. I also think that we did this because maybe our teacher thought that we could learn to do something new.I chose to write about this because I thought that it was the most interesting. From this, I learned how to edit, what a 3D doodling pen is, and what you can do with using just the plastic bottle caps.

I thought that it was a very interesting and I am wondering if we can do another one of these stations.



On April, (I forgot which day) We had SLLRS. SLLR stands for Student Led Learning Reviews. An SLLR is when students from every class (Except upper school) tell their parents about what they learned about over the school year. You don’t have to talk about everything. You could choose 3 that you wanted to tell your parents about.

My SLLR was on Friday. I got to relax for 1 day and then I had to go to the SLLR. After that, I needed to go to a birthday party so I got to relax again.

The things I told my parents about was The Design Project, A Persuasive writing piece about deforestation and the robotics dance challenge. We also had to talk to our parents about chinese. It was the same as the one we are doing for english but we had to speak in chinese and we tell them about what we did in chinese.
I enjoyed telling my parents about my SLLR, but I am not very excited for the next one next year.