Exhibition Presentation Days

On May 2nd, we had the exhibition. When we had the opening ceremony, I was really nervous because it had been 2 days since we practiced. Our performance wasn’t the best but it still worked out.

When we were presenting to the lower grades, I felt that they were kind of hard to talk to because there are some words they don’t understand. But they were very enthusiastic.

When we were talking to the parents, it was kind of awkward, but they managed to understand me better. When VSA came, it was even more awkward because they mainly spoke Chinese.

I didn’t really enjoy VSA coming because they generally weren’t interested. Some of them were kind of rude but some of them were really nice.

The thing I’m proud of is presenting to other people. The main challenge was staging because my dog house was too small, and there was barely any space. So I and Estelle had to move away, and I needed to make another box to make my display taller and easier to see.

The main thing I needed to work on was to talk slower. I was just really nervous. If I did the exhibition again, I’d try to make a bigger and more attractive display and try not to feel nervous.

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  • May 21, 2019 at 6:16 am

    Lovely. Very well written Tammi and you did well during the presentation. You didn’t look never at all.

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