First Week Of Home Learning


On the 3rd of September, we started home learning. There was a 3×3 grid, and each box had an activity (9 activities). Every week, we’ll have to do 3 pieces of home learning, but this week we only needed to do 2 pieces of home learning so that we learn to manage our time and learn to not cram it all on one day (Which I nearly did)


One of the 2 activities I did was called “interests and passions”. It was an activity where you would have to interview 4 friends/family members about their interests and passions and what they’ve done to pursue their passion. I learned a lot about people’s passions, and they were more different than I thought.

My second activity that i chose was “Patterns” I had to describe a pattern to my parents and they had to recreate the pattern that I was describing. I did really well but I think i need to think more about it before I actually tell them the pattern, because we tried it 2-3 times, however, all of the patterns i described didn’t work.


I found the interests and passions activity harder, but I liked the patterns activity more. I liked it more because I didn’t have to do that much, and I enjoyed it more than the interests and passions activity.


Next time when I’m doing home learning, I think I should work more on managing my time. I had a lot of after school activities this week and forgot about my home learning. I quickly did a reflection on the computer on Friday night (Which took about 3 minutes). I did well on my home learning but i should improve on my time management.

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  • September 8, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    Well done! I love your reflection- you figured out fast what went well and what needs improvement.

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