Second Week Of Math


On August 27th (Monday), we have started learning about math. In grade 5 we’ve been learning about patterns and shapes and mostly number patterns. We’ve been coming back to it and we’re learning more about number patterns. We also took a pre assessment to tell our teacher what we know how to do and what we don’t know how to do. It’s just a prior-knowledge test.


Before we started doing math, we did a practice on math. It made me remember what a table of value was, and I think i’ve improved on showing values and terms on that table.

When we were doing the activities, I learned about brain paths and how people learn math and other subjects. It was also interesting to learn about what other people want people to say to their them and what they don’t want people to say to them. I’ve learned about patterns and some unique ones that I never thought of before. It also brought me back to thinking about prime numbers.


I think the most important thing i learned about while doing this was learning about the brain paths. I never knew how the brain worked and what would happen if you learned a new word. Since we learned about puberty last year, we would have found out about brain paths but when I was researching, I didn’t see anything about brain paths. The video we watched told us about how you learn math.


Now that i’ve seen different and unique patterns, how the brain works, and how people want other people to talk to them while doing math, I think i’m going to try and watch my words before I talk, and try to be more creative with patterns.

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