Reflection Of The Week (First Week At School)

On Monday (The 20th of August), we started school. I thought that grade 6 would be quite hard because of the PYP Exhibition and also the Young Americans. I don’t like performing and i’m quite shy. I have a few friends here and there’s also some people from last year. I felt bad for one of our friends that’s not in our class because she’s by herself.

I think our schedule on Tuesday is very tiring. I asked my mom to change my schedules for Tuesday (Which I had swimming on) so that I would be more comfortable (Since we have to walk up around 50 flights of stairs). Other than that I think our schedule is quite normal and around the same as last year.

I’m not so excited for grade 6 or high school because this year we have longer camps, and last year I got really homesick and I cried just a little bit. In grade 7 we’d be starting Experience Week and going to different countries (Or staying in Hong Kong and hiking — Even if I like hiking but I think hiking is a bit boring).

Chinese is okay this year but i’m just a bit annoyed of going to the CCC. I’ve never been there for Chinese classes. I think one day i’ll get used to it but I still would always find it annoying walking through the grade 5 hallway and having to walk up all those stairs instead of walking to the classroom next door (In short words I’m too lazy and need to be more active)

Even if it was the start of the school year, I think I’ve met a lot of the class and I got to know them a little bit better before the first 2 weeks of school, and there aren’t that many new people. I got a little bit confused on who was who but now I think I’m ok.

I think we’ve also been doing good on changing our schedule because we are starting morning meetings and been playing some activities and we have been planning for some team building activities, but we also definitely need to work on listening to instructions and following them.

My week so far has been good it’s just that Tuesday is a bit tiring and I’m glad I got to change my after school activities to different days.

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