My Role As A 5A Student

In class, we were thinking about our roles as a 5A student. We came up with 5 key things that would make the best classroom and we wrote them down on sticky notes. I wrote: 1. Be Positive, 2. Talk in a normal tone, 3. Be cooperative, 4. Stay on task, and 5. Follow instructions.

I wrote be positive because I think that if people kept saying negative things, it probably would start arguments and we’d get nothing done. I think that I could contribute to this and I can do it by thinking more about the positives than the negatives.

The next thing I wrote was talk in a normal tone because people outside (In the hallway) were talking really loud and nearly shouting and it distracted us. Sometimes we’ve heard them run by  our classroom and say weird things and made some people in our class laugh. Sometimes when my classmates are outside we can hear them from far away. I think I can contribute to this by: When seeing my friends are talking too loud and try to make them talk in a lower tone.

After that I wrote be cooperative. We should be more cooperative because sometimes people are working too slow, so then we should help them so then we don’t take too long. Our assembly is next/the week after next week and I think we should definitely be cooperative.

I wrote stay on task because if we don’t stay on task, nothing would be gotten done. It’s like being positive but more important. Staying on task means that you’re not gaming and playing games or listening to music on the computer when the teacher isn’t watching. If we stay off task, we’ll get too carried away and forget what to do. I can contribute to this ← by telling anyone that’s off task to get back on task so we could finish faster and get maybe free time at the end of what we’re doing.

The last thing I wrote was follow instructions. We should also ask questions about the instructions so that we don’t get mixed up and maybe have to start again. If we follow instructions, our classroom will be functioning much quicker. I can contribute to this by ← correcting anyone I see not following instructions – doing the wrong thing.

I believe if we follow all those things ^, we’ll be a better functioning class :).

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